Acoustic Tiles

Available exclusively from Bluespot Furniture in the UK

Why Acoustek Tiles?

Acoustek tiles are amongst the most efficient methods of combating reverberate noise, either planned from the outset as a design feature or retrofit as a cure for any previously unforeseen ‘noise annoyance factor’ – the latter being experienced in most commercial interiors. The control of reverberate noise in spaces where people work, relax, socialise and learn is of critical importance. ‘Reverberant spaces’ are not natural environments for humans. Spending time in such spaces can have a negative impact on productivity, learning, recuperation, enjoyment and well-being.

Acoustek has two exclusive acoustic tile ranges, the Newport Collection and Cavasinni Collection, both have been given the utmost consideration of where and how they will fit in to cure this all too common reverberate noise problem. The subtle and different design taste exhibited from both collections has something to suit most demographics, yet both collections retain built-in allowance for the expression of individual design flair to create a decorative, effective, bespoke noise attenuation.

Cavasinni Collection

Our collaboration with the creative design talents of industrial designer Daniel Cavasinni, has produced a striking yet simple new range of acoustic tiles. Of Italian descent, Cavasinni expresses a distinct creativity from the landscape of his unique imagination, producing a subtle integration of style from pattern to pattern. His philosophy “to create bespoke options within the same or adjacent pattern via use of tile position, depth, colour and client inspiration”.


The subtle design of Celano is highlighted by the negative detail within the tile. The coinciding point of exit with the adjacent tile’s entry detail allows all manner of variation in design, we list six on our website but then add colour variation and the choice is almost infinite. Celano’s crisp clean pattern will also merge with our Torino tile for yet further individualisation of your preferred design.


Subtlety of design is the basis for the Cavasinni Collection, here Torino gains a three-dimensional profile yet still retains ‘merge ability’ as required with Celano. The purposeful yet simple difference in this acoustic tile’s design allows individual arrangement to achieve your bespoke design.


The simple creativity within this pattern continues the concept of design layout versatility, some suggestions listed on our website. Blend all in the same colour to create an effective but unobtrusive pattern. Add colour to make a statement that will compliment your chosen decor. Roma will also merge with Milano to give added feature or contrast.


Cavasinni has once again employed negative detail to good effect, the character of this tile is similar to, but different from Roma. The pattern’s enhanced 3 dimensional effect will create a bolder statement that responds with colour. A more definite statement or toned to suit the ambience of surrounding colours, the choice is yours.

Newport Collection

Invoking thoughts from the beach to the city, Newport styles vary from natures fractal design and shape to organised structure. Colours allow these tiles to meld into the background or become a dominant feature providing aesthetic impact and acoustic excellence.


Based upon a ‘fractal’ design, this acoustic panel from the Newport Collection mimics the effect of tidal ebb and flow leaving its unique impression on Sand. This pattern can be mounted vertically or horizontally and offers yet further design flexibility in the pursuit of arresting reverberate noise and background echo.


Based upon a standard ‘diffuser pattern’ this acoustic tile from the Newport Collection provides an effective vertical or horizontal pattern with depth and contour. Striking but simple, this acoustic tile absorbs up to 85% of reverberate noise. Soft or bold colours show the character of this tile and enhance the decor of any room.


Clean crisp style with simplicity yet speaks organised structure that can be varied with a change of direction. Same colour or shade variation this tile performs as others within the Newport Range to combat reverberate noise, enhance decor and create an ambient style of your choice.


Square blocks of varied height give thoughts of Urban living, yet inject colour and create a ‘Mondrianesque effect’. Offset the Pattern for an even more bespoke design and effect. The aim of the Newport Collection is to achieve design flexibility, be bold or placid, all have their own character that can be developed into your preferred layout. All in the pursuit of arresting reverberate noise.

Installation Guide

Acoustek acoustic tiles are simple to install using the included wall brackets. This short video guides you through the installation process.

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