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  • Working in a pandemic: The impact on mental health

    Studies show worrying statistics when looking at workers’ mental health since lockdown. What can employers do to help? We wrote previously about looking after your mental wellbeing when working from home, but now that some workplaces are reopening and a new working routine is emerging, could the impact of lockdown have taken its toll on …

  • Summer safety – essential tips for working in the heat

    We all love a bit of sunshine, but when you’re working all week, too much heat can be more of a nightmare than a summer's dream. Working in a lot of heat can bring with it numerous health risks, especially if you don’t take the right precautions. But what are those risks and how can [...] More
  • Sit, stand, get moving! Why you need to invest in a standing desk

    Ergonomic office furniture has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, with both employers and employees taking more essential steps towards creating a healthier workplace. An idea that started with ergonomic chairs and keyboards to help with posture and comfort while working has now grown with the modern Scandinavian idea of ergonomic …

  • How should offices deal with Covid-19 when reopening?

    With offices looking to reopen, are you aware of the official guidance when reintegrating to the workplace? It is a daunting time for workers as we prepare to head back to the workplace for the first time since lockdown. With many offices now looking to reopen their doors to workers, numerous safety measures are being [...] More
  • The ultimate beginner’s guide to office yoga

    Workplace yoga can help protect your mental wellbeing as well as offering physical benefits - so why not try it? Occupational stress is high right now, leaving workers feeling overwhelmed, anxious and under extreme pressure. Whether you’re working from home or still in the office, what steps have you been taking to protect your mental [...] More
  • Office Desk

    How to maximise a small office layout

    Create an office to suit all your needs with our ultimate guide to small office design... With space often being at a premium in both homes and businesses, it’s essential to ensure an office suits your needs even if you don’t have much room. Having an effective and efficient workspace has been shown to provide [...] More
  • The physical impact of working from home

    Can working from home be bad for your physical health? Research says yes. Though it may feel like you’re well-rested without that frustrating commute, pressured supervision or back-to-back meetings, recent research says that the opposite could actually be true. The first COVID-19 homeworker wellbeing study, carried out by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), suggests [...] More
  • Looking after your wellbeing whilst working from home

    It's vital to keep an eye on your mental wellbeing when working from home. Whether you’re navigating working at home for the first time, running your business from home, or are weighing up the idea of moving into remote work - it is always a smart idea to check in with how working from home [...] More
  • Bright office bedroom

    Creating an office in your Bedroom

    You don't need a separate room to create a home office - your bedroom can easily do the job if you follow our easy advice. Whether you’re remote working for the first time, running your own business, or just want a dedicated workspace to handle your home admin, having a productive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing [...] More
  • Two women working from their dining table on laptops.

    Home offices for two – design tips for double-duty working

    More households are now working from home than ever before, which can pose a challenge if you and your partner or housemate need to work in close proximity. Working from home is fast becoming the new normal. With more and more people working in the digital space, there is a greater degree of flexibility in [...] More
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