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  • A thermometer on a wall.

    A productive climate: Office working temperature FAQ

    With the change in UK temperatures in recent weeks, we've had the usual battle between heating and air conditioning here at Bluespot Furniture HQ, which always brings up the question of what is the correct temperature for an office? So we've decided to put together a list of useful frequently asked questions regarding temperatures in the workplace [...] More
  • Office Chair Workouts

    Many of us are working more hours than we should, spending most of the day sat at our office desk, surrounded by mountains of paperwork and using the old “no time to exercise” excuse more than ever. Even if the work piles up in the office you don’t have to entirely forget to take care of your fitness. [...] More
  • A mobile phone with a music playlist on the screen.

    Finding the perfect office playlist: Cast your vote to win…

    At Bluespot Furniture, the team work best when they're surrounded by music. However, not a day passes by without some sort of fight over the skip buttons. To save our staff from this never-ending battle of lighthearted arguments, we want to create the perfect office playlist - and we need your help! If the above [...] More
  • A man stood in front of stairs dressed smartly and buttoning his suit jacket.

    The office dress code: What to wear to work

    When going to work you want to pay close attention to your attire because how you dress can affect progression within in the company, leading to the age old question - What to wear to work? Whether you're just entering, or you're already in the business world, it's important to know how to dress appropriately for [...] More
  • A man covered in post-it notes, all with writing on.

    How to cope with office stress

    Workplace stress is a serious issue and you may feel like there is nothing you can do to eliminate it.  Even if you love what you do, you can still become overwhelmed and feel pressured due to tight deadlines and a flurry of demands. Feeling stressed can be harmful to both physical and emotional health. You [...] More
  • What Office Chair Do I Need?

      It's easy to think it's going to be simple to choose a new office chair. But, the right high-quality office chairs will make a huge difference to your working environment. Whether you’re needing an office chair for home, or looking for your business, with so much choice available, choosing the perfect chair to meet [...] More
  • An office with desks, chairs and storage cupboards.

    A brief history of office desks (desks through the ages)

    Did you know; The word 'desk' means 'table to write on'? Over the years our desk usage has evolved to take on many different tasks and has become the symbol of the office as we know it today.  Many years ago if you walked into an office you would find chunky wooden desks cluttered with [...] More
  • A white desk with a computer , mug, plant and lamp.

    Ways to decorate your office desk like a pro

    For many of us who work in an office environment, the majority of the week is spent getting the job done for 8 or more hours a day. Our office desk is practically our second home we spend that much time there. So why not decorate it like you would your own home? After all, [...] More
  • desk

    Standing vs sitting office desks – Which is better?

    Health guidelines suggest we should spend 150 minutes a week doing moderate exercise, but many of us sit down at our office desks for more than half the day. Sitting down is the new smoking and is being blamed for increasing the risk of heart disease and cancer which is why we've seen massive changes [...] More
  • Survey: Meeting room confusions lead to awkward office encounters!

    We spend so much of our lives in the office that most of us will have come across something over the years that we wish we maybe hadn’t; employees talking about a rather personal issue, inter-office relations, maybe even someone being fired. We polled 2,659 British office workers to see what they’ve encountered within the [...] More
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