Fabrics for seating and screens

Please note that all fabrics are now sourced through Camira – all old Bradbury references are provided below alongside current Camira references for our standard fabrics.

  • Screen Fabrics

    • Black: Bradbury G620 = Camira Havana YB009
    • Blue (Scuba): Bradbury G657 = Camira Scuba YB089
    • Dark Blue: (Ocean) Bradbury G666 = Camira Ocean YB100
    • Light Blue: Bradbury G613 = Camira Montserrat YB011
    • Green: Bradbury G678 = Camira Apple YB096
    • Orange: Bradbury G684 = Camira Olympic YB113
    • Red: Bradbury G644 = Camira Belize YB105
    • Yellow: Bradbury G685 = Camira Solano YB088

  • Seating Fabrics

    • Black: Bradbury OMP620 = Camira Havana YB009
    • Dark Blue: (Atlantic) Bradbury OMP659 = Camira Ocean YB100
    • Light Blue: Bradbury OMP613 = Camira Montserrat YB011
    • Green: Bradbury OMP651 = Camira Apple YB108
    • Orange: Camira Olympic YB113
    • Red: Bradbury OMP641 = Camira Belize YB105
    • Yellow: Bradbury OMP636 = Camira Solano YB110