Cabinet Specifications

Cabinets construction

  • 18mm Rigid cabinets, cam, pin & dowel construction.  Colour co-ordinated inside and out.  720mm high (+150mm plinth) as standard. 570mm deep (excluding door).
  • 18mm MFC Blanking panel pre-fitted on all standard corner cabinets.
  • Wall cabinets available 360, 720 and 900mm high. 310mm deep (excluding door).
  • 18mm Solid backs in all wall cabinets
  • 2 No. 18mm adjustable shelves in all wall units
  • Concealed wall hanging brackets with 3-way adjustment supplied with wall hanging plates.  Each bracket can carry up to 50kgs and conforms to EN 15939.  Wall plates are supplied as standard.
  • Cabinets available in Cream, White, Light Grey and Lancaster Oak.
  • All leading edges have thick durable 2mm ABS.  All none-visible edges have 0.4mm.
  • 18mm Colour co-ordinated, removable full height back panel with 52mm service void.  Sink units only have 70mm Service void.
  • Colour coordinated 240mm deep front rail – 18mm thick.
  • 1 No. 18mm adjustable shelf in base units.
  • Fully adjustable legs for fitting on un-even floors for 150mm high plinth, adjustable +20/-20mm.  4 No. on single and 6 No. on double cabinets.

Shelf design

Unlike a standard “peg” which allows shelfs to move in situ when pots and pans are placed on them, our delta shaped brackets are engineered to prevent shelf movement and associated damage.

Soft close drawers

‘Blumotion’ BLUM soft-close, 110 degree with 3-way adjustment hinges standard on all cabinets.

‘Blumotion’ soft-close full extension runners with BLUM LEGRABOX Orion Matt Grey Slimline walled (12.8mm) drawer boxes pre-fitted into cabinets with 40kg load capacity. 177mm high side walls on deep drawers with 70kg load capacity on drawers 800, 900 & 1000mm wide.

Soft close hinges

Top of the range Blum “Motion” soft close hinges come as standard on all Bluespot lifestyle kitchen ranges with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Our doors are designed to allow kitchen fitters to take off and refix the doors with ease and protect them from damage.

The AVENTOS HF bi-fold lift is the ideal solution for high and mid wall units. Even large fronts fold up and out of the way, giving users great freedom of movement. So much so that wall cabinets can be left open during cooking.

Thanks to its slim construction, AVENTOS HK-XS provides ease of use for bridging wall cabinets without losing storage space. The solution has a symmetrical lift mechanism, so even on the smallest cabinets, where only one is fitted, the door will open and close easily.

Integrated bins

Keep your floor space clear and your room uncluttered by choosing from a range of cabinet sizes with fitted pull-out bins.

300 wide – 42L capacity, with 1 x 32L+1 x 10L bins.

400 wide – 42L capacity with 1 x 32L+1 x 10L bins.

500 Wide – 64L capacity with 2 x 32L bins.

600 wide – 84L capacity, with 2 x 32L + 2 x 10L bins.


Legrabox Space tower

If you want a larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose inner pull-outs give you easy access to items from all three sides, then you’ll like SPACE TOWER. This is the convenient and ergonomic way to store food.  4 x high, closed drawer boxes in Orion Grey, with glass front and sides, ensure that provisions are stored securely, meaning nothing can fall out from the side or back.



Each one of the 4 pull-outs boasts an impressive level of stability and high load bearing capacity, up to 40 kg, ensuring that even heavy items, such as bottles, are stored securely.



3/4 Carousel Storage

Make use of that hard-to-reach corner space and gain some organisation in the awkward cupboard. Blum’s innovative wireframe storage system is also available on kitchen corner units to maximise every space available and make them effortlessly and easily accessible.



Corner base ‘Magic corner’

Smart and spacious wire frame ‘Magic corner’ mechanisms are real game changers. With just one simple movement, they bring everything you need to where you can see and reach it. No more clattering around with pots and pans!  Our contemporary corner unit pull-out opens smoothly and silently, and they offer such a clear overview of the unit’s contents that you can simply reach in and take out what you need.





Wire Frame Pull-outs

A tall pull-out larder unit is a great addition to any kitchen to add some practical storage, where the contents are easily accessible and stored in 5 adjustable storage baskets with White, easy to clean removable base inserts.