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We’ve all been in a meeting that could have been an email, but what usually makes it worse is if you’re stuck in a dingy, uncomfortable meeting room. Too often people focus on the main area of their office when it comes to design, resulting in meeting rooms that are far from inspiring and leave you watching the clock. 

As part of your office, your meeting room needs to represent your brand, be fit for purpose, ensue people can work comfortably and look good. After all, you want to impress any clients, potential partners or future employees who might end up in there. 

While the colour of your walls and the tech you have in your conference room play a part in creating your space, the biggest and most obvious aspect of any meeting room is the furniture. The chances are your room will need a fairly large table and multiple chairs, which means the furniture will dominate the majority of the space, so you want to ensure they make the right impression. 

Luckily, we’ve got all the meeting room furniture you could need to create an inspiring and functional space that suits your brand and is somewhere you don’t mind spending time. 

Your perfect meeting table

Whether you’re kitting out a small meeting room, creating an informal breakout area or setting up a large conference room, you’re going to need a meeting table

Beyond choosing a table that is the right size for your space, you want to make sure that it works with the colour scheme of your office and is the right style. We offer a huge range of market-leading colours and finishes, from bold shades to modern textures, allowing you to find the perfect look. 

We also have a brilliant selection of shapes, sizes and functions available, so you can find exactly the right table for your needs. From permanent meeting tables that are perfect for 2-12 people, to folding meeting tables that can provide a great degree of flexibility for smaller offices. 

Just as with an office desk, you might find that the way you use your office table means you need a few extras. We’ve got you covered here too, as we provide a great selection of table accessories that can help with everything from cable management to expanding the size of your conference table when needed. 

Comfortable meeting chairs

You might have a table that looks the part and fits everyone around it, but are you sitting comfortably while in meetings? Every chair in your office should provide great support and comfort – especially if people are going to be sitting in them for an extended period of time!

Rather than getting everyone to wheel their ergonomic office chairs into the conference room every time you’re having a catch-up, make sure you have a good number of comfortable meeting room chairs at the ready. 

We’ve got a great range of chairs available for various workspaces. From cool looking stools for your breakout area to chic and colourful chairs suitable for any conference space. Choose from different styles and a huge range of colours to find your perfect fit and ensure every piece of furniture in your meeting room looks good together.

Stylish conference room storage

Of course, you may need a bit more than just a table and chairs to complete your meeting room. If your office is short on space, your room may double up as storage or larger meeting rooms might include a drinks section or a store of stationery. Either way, you might want to consider adding some meeting room storage to your space. 

From filing cabinets to cupboards, whatever your storage needs in your conference room and the rest of your office, we’ve got you covered. You can also match your storage furniture to your table, as our colour ranges are available across all of our products, allowing you to suite up your entire workspace. 

If you need a more bespoke approach, we can help you there too. We offer space planning and furniture design for workspaces across the UK, so we can create meeting rooms and offices that perfectly match your needs. 

Free office furniture delivery across the UK

Whether you just need a small meeting table or are fully kitting out your space, you can be happy that there are no hidden charges. We offer free Mainland UK delivery on all of our furniture, getting your order to you within 5 working days. 

If you need it faster than that, Next Day Delivery is available across most of our products. Just place your order before 1pm and select the Next Day option at te checkout. We’ll then get your furniture made, packed up and shipped out with one of our chosen couriers to be delivered to you the next working day. 

Long-lasting quality guaranteed

We know that office furniture is a big investment, which is why it needs to last as long as possible. Through careful selection of materials to state-of-the-art manufacturing, we are able to ensure that every single one of our products is made to the highest possible standard. We have the certifications to prove it!

This dedication to quality means that we trust our furniture to last for years, which is why we offer guarantees of up to 10 years on absolutely everything. You can trust that any furniture you buy from Bluespot is built to last. 

If you need help finding the right furniture for you or if you have any questions, we’re here to help. You can contact our helpful customer service team on 0800 804 4760, via email at or by starting a live chat.