Meeting Room Tables

Whether you’re creating a breakout area, need a meeting room or you’re setting up a large conference space, you’re going to need a meeting room table. Our range of meeting tables cover every need and every room size, making them ideal for 2-person catch-ups or 12-person meetings. With a range of permanent and folding meeting tables to choose from, as well as table accessories, your meeting room will be ready to go in no time – especially as all our boardroom furniture comes with free standard delivery

Meeting Room Furniture Buying Advice

Discover our range of meeting room tables

Finding the perfect meeting room tables is a vital part of any office or workplace. It is where decisions are made, discussions are held and ideas are shared. It becomes an important focal point for your team, clients and visitors when they are welcomed into your space.

Our range includes a variety of meeting room tables to suit all office environments. Choose from show-stopping permanent meeting tables for your conference room or flip-top tables that fold away when not in use, we have a fantastic range of practical table solutions to suit your budget.

If you’re looking for a conference table, boardroom table or just general meeting room tables, Bluespot Furniture Direct is your one-stop shop! With our wide range of models available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any space, we can help make your office truly unique.

We’ve got something for everyone! From spacious large meeting tables to smaller ones perfect for catching up with clients, you’ll find the perfect table here. Interested in saving space? Try folding tables which are easy to store and assemble when needed.


From conferences to quick catch ups, our tables offer a striking and long-lasting option that fits your space, and your needs. From conference tables to boardroom tables, we can help create a comfortable meeting space you’re proud to show clients.

Flip top and folding

Need to maximise your office space? Turn your office space into a meeting spot with a stylish boardroom table in no time. You’ll be able to utilise all your office space while making your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Our flip-top and folding tables are a brilliant alternative to a permanent meeting table. You can fold them up or bring them down for when you need an office meeting room table, making them perfect for any office space. Easy to store and assemble, a folding table makes a sturdy and stylish choice whenever needed.

A shape to fit your needs

We have a range of meeting tables in different shapes to fit any space and workplace, from classic rectangle tables for boardrooms to circular tables that are ideal for collaborative work environments like open office spaces or cubicles where people work at more than one desk. Choose from rectangular tables, square or D-end to host a productive and valuable meeting.

Style meets function

Whether you need a contemporary office meeting table for a modern office or a more classic, traditional look, we can help. We have many different styles and materials available so that you can find what best suits your needs.

Our modern-style meeting tables come in an array of colours, from vibrant orange to vintage oak effect and white marble. This means they can be easily customized to match any room’s décor and style. At Bluespot®, you will find meeting room furniture that communicates your business values and leaves a lasting impact on both your team and your clients. We also offer multiple infill options in various colours so that you can customise your table to suit your meeting rooms.

A good meeting table doesn’t just accommodate work meetings. It can help to increase productivity and is an important tool in helping business operations run smoothly. Our tables also come with cable ports to keep your meetings organised.

Manufactured in the UK

We are passionate about designing and making functional furniture to help create the right atmosphere in your office meetings. Our furniture is built to last with quality, sustainable materials that are rigorously tested for durability. Each piece of furniture is manufactured here at our state-of-the-art facility in Yorkshire. We are so confident that you will love your office furniture from Bluespot®, we offer a 10 year guarantee on the majority of our pieces.

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