Here at Kit Out My Office we’re fuelled by hot drinks, we love a strong coffee (especially on a Monday morning!) which got us thinking…As one of the UK’s leading office furniture manufactures we wanted to find out the drinking habits of the UK office workers.

In September 2017 we surveyed over a thousand office workers in England aged between 18 and 65 in full or part time employment to find out What is the Nation’s Favourite Hot Drink? Will tea, or coffee, be crowned the winner?

Get your biscuits ready…the results are in…

1)Who drinks more hot drinks in an average day (4+ cups)?

Men 42%
Women  59%

2) Which gender drinks more coffee than tea?

 Men 46%
Women  54%

3) Why do women drink more coffee than men?

Health reasons  64%
Taste 31%
Other 5%

4) Coffee drinkers – How often do you visit a cafe for a coffee?

Daily 12%
Weekly  47%
Monthly 32% (91% all of above added together)
Never 9%

5)What time(s) of the day do you usually drink tea at work?

 Morning  75%
Elevenses 41%
Lunch 42%
Afternoon 55%
Evening 26%
Other (bedtime/every chance) 5%

6)What time(s) of the day do you usually drink coffee at work?

Morning  81%
Elevenses 45%
Lunch 37%
Afternoon 45%
Evening 20%
Other (bedtime/every chance) 2%

7) Do you take milk with your hot drink?

Yes 83%
No 17%

8)How much milk do you take with your hot drink?

 No milk 17%
Just a little 31%
Average amount 42%
A lot 8%


We found some very interesting trends from the UK office drinking habits survey results, here are some of the highlights;

  • UK office workers love tea over coffee.

  • The most important drink of the day is first thing in the morning.

  • Coffee drinkers are regular visitors to cafes during the week.

  • The Nation’s favourite tea brand is Yorkshire Tea.

  • Surprisingly more Southerners drinking the Yorkshire brew than Northerners.