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Create a home office in any room or make the most or a small commercial space with our compact and colourful Home Work office furniture range. With a variety of smaller-than-average desks and different storage options to choose from, you can easily make the most of your available space and create the perfect office to suit your needs.

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Home Work – our compact office furniture for every need

Finding the right office furniture can be a struggle – especially if you don’t have a lot of space in the first place. Whether you are looking for furniture for your office or for home, the Home Work range is an excellent space-saving solution.

Designed for small spaces, our Home Work range is also suitable for small budgets, so you can create the perfect office without breaking the bank. The range offers low-priced office furniture solutions from as little as £89, meaning it is the perfect option whether you’re a small business, want to create a home office or need a desk for your child’s bedroom.

With the average office desk having a standard depth of 800mm, it can be hard to find an option that suits rooms with limited space. This is why we think our Home Work range is the perfect solution! To maximise your available space, each of the desks in the range has a standard depth of 600mm. The slimline desks can leave a room looking much less cluttered while still providing you with enough desk space to work on.

It’s not just your desk you need to consider though, it can also prove difficult to fit as much office storage in as you need – especially if a room has multiple uses. Our Home Work range offers a great combination of workspace and storage that will keep your space as organised and neat as possible.

Many of the desks in the range come with under or over-desk storage attachments, so you don’t need separate storage furniture for your office. You can choose from various options, including drawers, cupboards or shelves to create the best look and fit your needs. Not only will your chosen storage make the most of what space you have, but it will also ensure you can stay organised, maintain your productivity and can pack your work away at the end of the day – which is really important if you’re working from home.

As well as being practical, the storage choices included in our Home Work range also looks good. They come in a choice of 6 vibrant colours; blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow, so you can fully personalise the look of your desk.

If you’re buying for a company office, these colour choices can be used to tie in with your company branding, having a positive impact on the design of your office. They can also help create a great work environment for yourself and your team.

In terms of a home office, the colour options mean you can ensure your desk and storage works with the rest of your decor and that they match your personal taste. The bright colours are also sure to be a hit with your kids, making them a great choice for homework stations.

The design versatility of the Home Work range allows you the opportunity to expand your office furniture whenever it’s needed. Kaleidoscope, our colourful office furniture range, matches the colour options available in our Home Work range and has some great storage options if you need to kit out your office a bit more.

We wanted to make these products as easy as possible to use, which is why each desk in our Home Work range comes flat packed and is quick to assemble, so your workspace will be ready in no time. If you have any issues with the assembly of your Home Work desk, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Need to set up your office space quickly? We’ve got you covered. All of our Home Work range is eligible for Free Next Day Delivery. Or choose a delivery date that suits you at the checkout.

Whether you’re wanting to fill your office space or create your own home office, all of our Home Work range is of lasting quality and even comes with a 10-year guarantee.

As with all of our furniture, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality possible. That’s why we are proud to say that the Home Work range is manufactured right here in the UK. On top of this, our FSC and ISO certifications show you that your office furniture is also ethically produced.

If you need help choosing the right desk for your home office, our team of friendly experts is always happy to help and will answer any queries incredibly quickly. You can contact us either by phone 0808 2394 390 or via email on help@bluespotfurniture.co.uk. Alternatively, why not try a live chat? Simply click on the chat box at the bottom right of this screen to get started!