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Designed and built to last, our office desks are ideal whether you’re kitting out your professional space or setting up a home office. With a huge choice of styles, sizes, colours and features, we’ve got the right desk for everyone. As well as fantastic choice and quality, you can enjoy Free Delivery on all of our desks and guarantees of up to 10 years.

Office Desk Buying Advice

Find your perfect desk to create a comfortable, functional workspace.


When you think of office furniture, the chances are that desks are the first thing that comes to mind. No matter what style of office you have, you always need a desk to be able to get work done. 

Because you probably spend a fair amount of time sitting at your desk, whether you commute to the office or work from home, you need to carefully consider what type of office desk you need. You may think that they are all the same, but this really isn’t the case and the wrong desk can impact how well you work. 

This is why we have designed a great range of desks, offering different sizes, shapes, styles, features and colours. We’re certain that we have a desk for everyone and every office. 

Every single one of our desks has been designed and made by us in our Yorkshire factory using high-tech manufacturing techniques and the best quality materials. We’re so sure of the quality of our desks that we offer guarantees of up to 10 years on every single one of them, so you know that we deliver quality and service that you can trust. 

On top of this, our desks are also sustainable, as we only use FSC-certified wood. This means that we can track the wood from the forest to our factory and that we know that all the wood we use comes from forests that are exempt from felling. 

So what types of office desks can you buy online from Bluespot Furniture?

Rectangular desks

Probably the most standard style of desks, rectangular desks are incredibly versatile. They can be used individually, as bench desks in rows, back to back and in numerous other ways. They can also come with various leg styles and finishes, allowing you to easily match your desk to your office.

As no two offices or ways of working are exactly the same, we offer our rectangular desks in a large range of sizes, making them ideal for small and large workspaces. From 800mm square desks to larger 1800mm workstations, you can easily find the right rectangular desk to suit you. Not sure what size desk you need? Our handy guide can help you work it out. 

Wave desks

Similar to rectangular desks, wave desks are a versatile option for any office space. While the back of the desk is rectangular, the front has a wave-shaped desk top, providing you with a slightly bigger workspace without taking up much more room. 

They are ideal if you need a bit more space for equipment or to suit your style of working but don’t have enough room for a large corner work station. As with our rectangular desks, you can get a wave desk in different sizes and colours, and with different leg types. 

Corner desks

If you need a good gaming desk, have a lot of equipment, want to make the most of your space or simply fancy a larger desk, a corner workstation could be for you. Ideal for putting in the corner of your room or for creating rows or banks of desks in a commercial office space, our corner desks look great and suit a huge range of working styles. 

Corner office desks have a return on one side – you can choose whether you want left or right-hand orientation – meaning they can fit in a corner. Some of our corner desks also come in different sizes so you can find the right one for you. 

Storage desks

Whether you use your desk storage for equipment, paperwork or just for snacks, you can’t deny that having an office desk with drawers comes in handy. This is why we have a huge selection of desks wit attached pedestal storage and drawers. 

Available in various sizes and finishes, you can choose from desks with single or double pedestal to match your storage needs. The best part about these desks is that you aren’t taking up any extra room. As the storage is underneath them, you can improve the functionality of your desk even if you have limited space. 

Height-adjustable desks

You’ve probably heard repeatedly that sitting down all day is bad for your health. However, it’s also not practical to try and hold your laptop while standing up to mix your working style up. This is where height-adjustable desks come in. 

Ergonomically designed, height-adjustable desks can take you from sitting to standing at the press of a button, making it easy for you to change position and improve your health. They are also ideal if standard desks are not high enough for you, as you can set them to the height you need so as to work comfortably. 

Home office desks

We know that buying a desk for your home office raises different concerns than buying one for a commercial workspace. This is why we have designed a great range of home office desks

Narrower than our other office desks, our Home Work range is better suited to smaller spaces, providing you with a compact desk that is still comfortable and functional. As well as being smaller, the range features various types of storage so you can easily keep all your work things tucked away, whether you have a dedicated office or are setting one up in your living room. 

You can benefit from under-desk storage or built-in upper cupboards or shelves to fully make the most of your available space. Featuring a choice of colours, they are great for adults and kids and provide you with an all-in-one office solution. 

Choosing your desk

Need some help finding the right desk for you? We’re on hand to offer expert advice and answer any questions you might have. You can give us a call on 0800 804 4760, send an email to or start a live chat. 

If you want to enquire about a large order or an office refurbishment, we can help with that too. Simply contact us via one of the above methods or fill in our easy form to get started with your office project

Don’t forget that your office needs more than a desk! You can match the colour and style of your desk with our great range of office storage and find the perfect computer chair all in one place with Bluespot.