Back to Back Desks

Back to back desks are the perfect choice for open offices and other multi-user offices. Our range of back to back desks starts with basic 2 person back to back units. This extends up to our R8 Lite range, which you can use to create limitless runs of back to back desks. Choose from a wide range of desktop colours and leg styles.

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Back to Back Desks

Back-to-back desks are a staple in the modern office. From fully utilising the space you have to maximising team productivity and collaboration, there are a huge number of benefits for any contemporary workspace when it comes to modular desk systems.

One of the biggest benefits of back-to-back desks is the flexibility they provide in terms of office setup. You can easily create a layout that enables teams to work in closely together, which is a great option for saving space in your office, but brilliant for creating dynamic teams. Back-to-back desks are ideal for creative, collaborative workers as they allow for easy communication whilst still providing everyone with their own dedicated workspace

Back-to-back desks are also a great solution for couples who are working from home or looking to set up a home office. They enable you to create two individual working spaces but also allow for communication and collaboration when necessary. You can find out more about how this type of desk can fit into your home-office on our blog.

Although back-to-back desks are great for smaller workspaces, the fact that they are modular means they also have the potential to provide stylish and efficient working areas for larger offices too. Our R8 Lite range offers back-to-back desks with optional privacy screens, but also provides the opportunity to have limitless extendability, with the option to create banks of side-by-side desks at any size you need. These are also available in our collection of extendable meeting tables, meaning it’s never been easier to create the perfect layout for your office that can be adapted as your business grows.

Not only does our back-to-back collection provide you with efficient usage of space, but our range of modular desks also offers the opportunity to create a truly unique style in your workplace. Choose from a wide array of designs and colours to create an office that truly makes a statement, shows your personality or ties in with your company branding. Whether it’s our sophisticated Carbon range that suits you, or the bright and colourful Kaleidoscope range, you can easily match your back-to-back desks with other office furniture from across our ranges.

With our range of back-to-back desk systems starting from as low as £277, it’s easy to create the perfect workspace without spending a fortune. We also offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our desks and office furniture, as well as manufacture everything right here in the UK. This means we can always confidently maintain our high standard of build and quality control.

We also build all of our wooden furniture with FSC certified wood, so you can revamp your office with no environmental worries. Did I mention the free standard delivery with every order? You can also opt for Next Day Delivery at the checkout if you need it sooner, while our Delivery and Installation option means we can deliver and install orders of over £1000 to make things even simpler.

If you need any guidance or have any questions about our range of back-to-back desks and how they can benefit you, why not contact our exceptional customer service team? They are experienced, friendly and always ready to help. Email us at, open a live chat right here on our website, or give us a call on 0808 2391 066.