Corner Desks

At Bluespot Furniture, we love making spaces look better, and one of our favourite ways to do this is by providing you with some quality furniture for your workspace. Whether you work at home or in an office, a corner desk is ideal if you’re looking to maximise space.

Corner desks are a great choice if you need room for extra equipment on your workstation or want to make the best use of smaller office space. Our corner desks are available in a range of leg styles, widths and colours.

All of these options are available at competitive prices and will make any working environment look great. Check out our fantastic range of corner office desks today.

Office Desk Buying Advice

Find your perfect corner computer desk

Corner desks are ideal for smaller offices or home-working environments. The desktop space they provide allows for a comfortable and practical workspace while their shape makes optimal use of your available room space. We’ve stocked up our warehouse with a range of corner desks and other furnishings so you can find something perfect for your home and office.Discover your ideal corner desk with Bluespot Furniture.

Maximise your workspace

Give your workspace a competitive advantage. Whether you’re in the office, or setting up working from home, making the most of the room you have is always key for comfort and productivity.

Tired of tiny, bland spaces? That’s what Bluespot Furniture is here for! We believe that a space should be able to reflect the personality and style of its owner. A standard desk can take up valuable amounts of surrounding space whereas a corner desk fits neatly into most rooms and offices.

You can use any extra space for storage units or shelving to help create a focused and efficient workspace that stays tidy and organised. Our desks are available to order in three different widths, so you can be sure to find the perfect size to fit your corner.

More desk space

Corner desks help to maximise the scope of your desk. Positioning a curved desk in a corner can provide a larger working area than a standard desk, with extra space to ensure everything you need is always close to hand. Ideal for computer users, many people find a shaped computer desk more comfortable than standard office desks. A corner desk also allows space for a second monitor screen, ensuring you have access to all the equipment and office supplies you need.

Our corner desks also come with cable management ports so you can keep your wires tangle-free and organised neatly.

Stylish desks to suit your needs

Our corner workstations are available in a many colours, with several different finishes available on our assortment of office desk ranges. Whether you love a classic Woodgrain finish on your office desks or you prefer a modern style Vanta Black, there’s a finish for everyone.

As well as the colour and finish of your corner desk, you can choose a style to suit your workspace. From the spacious Cantilever desks to the sturdy Panel End desks, you’re sure to find the perfect desk to suit your company style with us.

Completely customisable

Our corner desk range also offers a choice between left or right-handed to ensure the best fit for your team. Working at a right-handed desk when you’re left-handed (or vice versa) can be uncomfortable and distract from the task at hand. To solve this we made our desks customised to fit either a left or right-hand orientation.

Create cluster desks

Corner desks allow for the construction of cluster desks. Combining units of four corner desks create a great working space for a small team to communicate and collaborate.

Manufactured in the UK

All of our furniture is manufactured in our factory in the UK, meaning we can be sure to always maintain our high standard of build quality. We build all of our desktops with FSC-certified wood, meaning they are all responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly. We’re confident in the quality of our products and that all of our office corner desks come with a 10-year guarantee.

If you prefer a straighter desk then you can browse our rectangular desks here.

Our delivery options

There are a couple of delivery options, you can have standard free delivery and next day delivery allowing you to get your desk sooner. If you’re spending over £1000, we have a delivery and installation option that means we’ll deliver, build your desks and then remove the rubbish.

Got a question?

If you have any questions about our range of corner desks, or could do with a bit of guidance on how to build the perfect workstation for your company, why not contact our exceptional customer account service team? They are friendly, experienced and always happy to help you find the perfect office furniture online. You can call us, email us, or open a live chat right here on our website.