Height Adjustable Desks for the Modern Workspace

Office Desks with adjustable heights are essential for the modern workplace. Research suggests that sitting at a desk all day has a negative effect on workers’ health, which is why standing desks are becoming more common in UK offices.

Our feature-packed React range is the perfect solution to your standing desk needs during your working day. Made with high-quality materials and with a range of styles and sizes to choose from, we’re proud to provide comfortable and practical desks that promote better posture and reduce the aches and pains of office working.

Office Desk Buying Advice

Find your perfect height adjustable desk

Browse our extensive range of standing desks and adjustable desks to find the perfect computer desk for your workspace. Our desks come in an array of colours and styles so you can experience the benefits of a standing desk while adding a touch of style to your office.

With the dual motor desks, you can adjust them with the touch of a button. With the manual desks, tweaking the height is easily adjusted with the crank handle. You’ll be able to find the perfect high for you.

An ergonomic choice

Ergonomic office furniture has been gaining popularity for a number of years, with ergonomic chairs and keyboards being the original go-to for a healthier workplace. Recently, the game has been changed by the Scandinavian concept of ergonomic desks, which have rapidly become popular in the modern office environment – and for good reason. Our height adjustable desks offer not only the standard seating height option, but they can also be raised to provide you with a standing one when you need a change.

Discover our premium standing desks

Research suggests that alternating between seated and standing positions whilst working can benefit your brain, body, muscles and heart, as well as boost productivity, and improve your mood and energy levels over the course of the day.

Our range of adjustable desks offers an innovative, top-quality take on the sit-stand desk. With quiet push-button electric controls and a high weight capacity, they are the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their job satisfaction, productivity and health.

Perfect for home or office

The collection of electric adjustable desks also provides the perfect solution for those who are working at home or are looking to create an ultra-modern home office with added health benefits. With many of us having recently navigated the home-working life for the first time, we want our furniture set up to make our job as easy as possible and to benefit our health.

Though it can be all too easy to lose motivation or endure cripplingly low energy levels when working from home, both of these issues can be improved with our ergonomic sit-stand desks.

Each standing desk comes with in-built cable management ports to help keep your desk and surrounding space tidy and clutter-free.

Choose your style and colour

Our height adjustable desks come in a choice of colours with 4 classic finishes to choose from.

They’ll suit any space or style and offer a major upgrade to your existing desk. You’ll find the perfect standing desk for you, whether it’s from our Kaleidoscope range for a bright splash of colour or something more classic and contemporary like our Urban designs. These desks also match a lot of our other office furniture – so if you’re going ergonomic with your desks, why not check out our ergonomic chairs in similar styles to really create a bold company statement and style?

Our standing desks come in a range of sizes so you can kit out a large office or a small space.

If you’re interested in looking at our office chairs for your office spaces, you can click this link to take you to our extensive range.

Made in Yorkshire

Each height adjustable standing desk is made with FSC-approved wood, meaning they’re environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced. They also come with a 5-year guarantee for added peace of mind, as we know they were built to last. All of our furniture is made in Yorkshire, so we are confident that our build quality will always be up to scratch.

If you prefer a straighter and fixed desk then you can browse our rectangular desks here.

Free standard delivery

All of our height-adjusting ergonomic desks come with free standard delivery, but you can always opt for next-day delivery if you just can’t wait to get your hands on your new desk! Self-assembly is easy but if you need a hand, our aftersales support team are always on hand. For orders over £1,000, opt for our delivery and installation option and we’ll not only deliver and set up your desks but take all the rubbish away with us too!

Need a hand choosing the right height adjustable desk for you?

For more guidance on finding the best standing desks, or simply to ask for more information about our adjustable height range, why not contact our outstanding customer service team? They are always friendly, experienced and happy to help you find the perfect solution for you. Give us a call on 0800 804 4760, email us at help@bluespotfurniture.co.uk, or open a live chat right here on our website. You can use the same contact methods above or head to our Office Projects page to fill in the form with details of what you’re looking for.