Office Desk Accessories

Desk accessories can help improve the functionality of your desk while helping to provide a tidier, more organised office. Our desk accessories are designed with commercial and home offices in mind, helping with everything from cable management to creating individual workspaces and improving privacy. In this section, you’ll find desk dividers, cable trays, modesty panels and more to work with our great range of office desks.

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From wires all over the place to personal items encroaching on other people’s desks, there are many ways that your workspace can be made to look untidy or have its functionality affected. In order to make the most of your office and furniture, you need to consider what extras could help ensure everything is kept in its place and looks the part.

This is why we have developed our range of office desk accessories. Designed to work with our various office desk ranges, our desk accessories are great additions to your desk whether you’re in a professional setting or have a home office.

You’ll find that we’ve thought of everything, from cable management to desk extenders and screens – all of which can help ensure your workspace works for you.

Our cable trays can easily be attached to your desk to help you tidy up all the loose cables from your electronic equipment. They come in various sizes to better suit your desk and provide the level of management you require.

If you have an R8 Lite desk, we have special cable trays designed specifically with this range in mind, while our Universal Cable Tray will work with the rest of our desks.

If you’re working in an office that utilises bench desks or back-to-back desks, you might want to use one of our desk dividers to increase privacy. The desk screens are a great way to separate workspaces while still making it easy to collaborate with your team.

Our Aluminium Desk Screen can be used with most of our desks and comes in a choice seven colours so you can tie the desk dividers in with the branding of your office. For those with R8 Lite desks, we also have a screen designed specifically for these.

Other accessories we have available include modesty panels, which can be attached to the backs of desks for added privacy, and leg infill panels designed to be used with our stylish hooped-leg desks.

If you’re not sure which desk accessory is best for your desk or if you have any questions about any of our products, you can always get in touch! Our helpful customer service team are ready to provide a helping hand, so give them a call on 0800 804 4760, send an email to or start a live chat.