Complete Cube Storage Units

Make your office furniture a whole lot more interesting with our modern cube storage units. Perfect for any workspace, the units offer a variety of different storage options, colours and designs, allowing you to fulfil your storage needs and create a stylish office space. From simple cube units to those with cupboards and lockers, you can mix and match to create a chic workplace.

Office Storage Buying Advice

Modern, adaptable Cube storage for the office and home

Storage furniture is designed to be practical, but this doesn’t mean it also can’t look great. Whether you’re designing your company’s office, revamping your home office or looking for a storage solution for elsewhere in your home, our cube storage units will provide storage that is also a design feature.

Created to look great as well a suit your storage requirements, our cube units come with a variety of options. From simple shelving to personal storage lockers, you have a lot of choices, as well as plenty of options when it comes to combining different storage types.

Each unit features a strong black metal cube frame, which has welded joints to ensure it is as sturdy as possible. You have the choice of either a full metal unit or one with a wooden base cupboard so you can still hide away some items. Either way, the cube unit can make a great statement and you can mix and match different units to create a full wall of storage that suits your needs.

As well as base cupboards, our cube units come with other options including lockers, open storage boxes and shelves. This means that you can store anything you need to – including books, files, ornaments and awards – as well as create displays of your belongings or within a retail space.

Not only do we have a variety of units available, but we also have loads of different finishes. The cupboards, shelves, lockers and storage boxes all come in either white, black or woodgrain (of which there are two types). You can also choose from finishes for the cupboards and locker doors, with colours available from all of our ranges. Want a bright unit? Choose one of the colourful options from our Kaleidoscope range. Looking for something chic? Carbon has got you covered. After something a little bit different? This is where our Urban finishes come in.

No matter what your style, existing decor or branding, there is a complete cube storage unit that will suit you both in terms of look and practicality.

But it isn’t just complete units that we have on offer. If you can’t find the perfect storage unit for you or you want to add to one in order to make it better fit your space, take a look at our Modular Cube components.

Our range features all the individual cube components you’ll need to design and build your own cube storage. This means you can get even more creative with your home or office storage, as well as add to it over time.

You can get individual metal cubes that can be joined together, open storage boxes and lockers to mix and match however you want. We even have metal plant hangers so you can make a feature of your houseplants when your unit is complete.

Whether you opt for a complete unit, build your own cube storage or mix the two options, you’ll be happy to know that your furniture comes with a 10-year guarantee. We also manufacture it right here in the UK using FSC-approved wood, so we can guarantee the quality of every item.

If you have any questions about our cube storage, delivery options or anything else, our helpful and friendly customer service team are on hand to help. Give them an email at, call them on 0808 2397 211 start a live chat.