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  • Tax home workers to help low-income workers, says new report

    New research from Deutsche Bank suggests an extra tax for home workers after the pandemic to help support low-income earners and those whose jobs are at risk. Those who continue to work from home after the Covid-19 pandemic should be taxed more for doing so, according to a new report. Deutsche Bank Research suggests that [...] More
  • Businesses more willing to buy home office furniture for remote staff

    A growing number of companies now believe that it is their responsibility to absorb the cost of home offices for employees who are working remotely. This year has seen companies adapt to remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic and now it seems that many of them are seeing the benefits. So much so, many [...] More
  • Companies are at risk of an ’employee burnout spike’ in 2021

    January employee burnout spike caused by added Covid-19 stress could be on the way. January could see a ‘burnout spike’ among workers, as people struggle to cope with continued remote working and Covid-19 restrictions. Experts are predicting a rise in employee burnout in the new year after research revealed that online searches for “burnout symptoms” [...] More
  • UK employees working 1,000 unpaid hours a year

    Getting to the office early and leaving late means that many UK workers are providing thousands of hours of free labour to their employees. Many workers in the UK are giving over 1,000 unpaid hours of labour to their employers every year by starting early and finishing late. According to new research from Hitachi Personal [...] More
  • Woodgrain Office Furniture

    How to recycle and dispose of your office desks

    Does your office need a revamp and some new furniture? That’s all well and good, but what do you do with your old desks?   **Please Note - We do not buy used office furniture and cannot recycle your desks for you. The following article provides advice on possible ways that your furniture can be [...] More
  • Woman with back pain

    Homeworking leading to increase in musculoskeletal pain

    A huge number of people who started working from home during lockdown are experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of poor home office setups. Since the start of lockdown in March, people have seen an increase in musculoskeletal pain. A huge four out of five people who started working from home due [...] More
  • Mental health support

    Employer support for employee mental health is top priority for workers

    Half of employees see mental health support from their companies as an important part of wellbeing. Getting support for their mental health from their employers is the top priority for workers right now. According to the latest research from GRiD, the group risk industry body, employees felt that mental health was the most important of [...] More
  • Meeting room name generator

    Every aspect of your office helps to reflect your company culture, including the names you give your meeting rooms. A name can reveal a lot about a place - it’s why people think long and hard about what to call their company in the first place. A name can provide insight into your branding, company [...] More
  • Why you should probably call in sick more

    Working while sick is becoming more common, especially with people working from home, but it isn't good for you health and wellbeing. Many people are settling into their new way of working, with more people working from home than ever before. While remote working may provide a greater level of flexibility and many benefits for [...] More
  • Coffee on office desk

    How to fight office fatigue

    At this time of year, many people feel more tired than usual and struggle to get through the workday. We’ve got some tips that can help. Office fatigue can affect you throughout the year, but for many, it seems to get worse as we get closer to the winter season. Shorter days, darker mornings and [...] More
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