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5 ways To feel less busy in the office


Feeling stressed? Is the constant barrage of work leaving you overwhelmed, and always in a rush? You’re not alone! In the modern world – busyness is everywhere, but there are steps you can take to step back and relax.

Learn how to manage stress levels and feel less busy with our '5 ways to feel less busy in the office' guide:

 1. Stop busy-boasting

If you find yourself answering “busy” every time someone asks you how you are in the office – then stop it now! It’s not doing you any favours, and talking about how busy you are can actually make you feel busier and more stressed than you need to be, whilst raising the stress levels of those around you.

It’s also worth remembering that many people see moaning about being busy as a thinly veiled boast about how important and in demand you are, which is never a good thing.

 2. Cut down your to do list

Writing lists is a great way to stay organised, but it can be counter-productive to your stress levels.

A long list that you can never hope to finish won’t do you any good, and the golden rule here is to never write more on your list than you can hope to achieve in a single day. Remember, you can always write a new list if you’ve finished the jobs on your current one!

As a guide, 5 items should be the limit for a single list. Finishing all the jobs on your list will make you feel productive, without being overwhelmed.

 3. Create time buffers

Some jobs will inevitably take longer than you planned for them – so it’s important to factor this in by setting aside some spare time each week to tie off the loose ends. Create some dedicated hour-long blocks, specifically for the purpose of sitting at your office desk and finishing the work you haven’t got round to.

Be disciplined, and make this time sacred – in terms of your diary, these buffer periods are set in stone, so treat them as if they weren’t there when arranging meetings and scheduling your work week.

 4. Implement strategic procrastination

Prioritising work and strategically neglecting those emails you don’t really need to reply to right now can help to cut down the time pressures and make you feel less busy.

 5. Accept defeat

In the end, it’s important to remember that time is limited, and no matter how much work you get done today, there will always be more to do tomorrow. Sometimes, you will fail to complete all the jobs you have to do.

If that sounds negative, it shouldn’t – once you accept the fact that you simply can’t get everything done, it means you can prioritise the jobs that really matter, and the things that actually need doing now.

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