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6 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk

Has your home office desk seen better days? Are you constantly swamped under piles of papers? It’s probably time to replace your office desk!

The right office desk can make a huge difference to your home office, whilst improving productivity, organisation and comfort when working from home. This month, we take a look at the 6 key signs that it’s time to upgrade your office desk.


1. You never have enough space

A desk space that’s too small won’t be doing you any favours. If you’re always struggling to find space for your papers, or find yourself wasting time looking for stuff buried under mounds of admin, then you’re not working as efficiently as you might be – and a bigger desk could make a huge difference.

Having desks with sufficient storage, cable holes and table space will help you to stay organised and uncluttered, improving your mood, efficiency and output.


2. It doesn’t match the space.

The right office desk can make a real difference to the look and feel of a room.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated home office room, then a standard commercial style desk will look fine and work well. However, if you’re working from a back bedroom or the corner of the living room or kitchen, then it probably won’t complement your existing décor, and can ruin the space.

Choosing a more elegant, design-led desk that matches your colour scheme and the style of your home will help to minimise the impact on your overall interior design scheme.

3. It’s the wrong height

Do you find yourself stretching or stooping to work from your desk? It’s definitely time to make a change, and to get one that’s the right height for you.

Being comfortable when working is vital – it won’t just improve your productivity, but will also help to protect you from aches, pain and common injuries associated with working at a desk.

You’ll also want to invest in a high quality, ergonomic office chair to complement your desk.

4. You can’t stretch your legs

Having enough space underneath your desk to stretch out and change position is another important if you want to enjoy a comfortable and pain free working environment.

When choosing a desk, it’s also worth thinking about whether you want additional under-desk space for your computer tower, which will free up valuable space on top of your desk.

5. It doesn’t suit your working life

That stylish, ultra thin and compact minimalist desk might look fantastic – but it’s no good if you spend your life pushing papers around.

Different jobs require different desks, and as a rule, those with admin and paper heavy jobs need larger desks, whilst occasional computer users and those who primarily do field work can get by with smaller spaces.

When thinking about office planning or buying a new desk, consider the job role, and make sure you get something that’s right for you.


6. You’re out of storage

If your home office desk doesn’t have enough storage, then it’s almost inevitable that all your papers and office clutter will soon stack up and start spreading out around the rest of your home.

Choosing a space saving desk with innovative, integrated storage, like those in the UCLIC Home Office Desk Range will help to tame your clutter and keep your office (and the rest of your home!) neat, tidy and organised.


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