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8 clever ways you can personalise your office desk

Many of us working in a company or home office spend a large proportion of our days at the same desk. Our desks can soon become our second home. So, why let them be lifeless?

It can be easy to leave your desk as a colourless and empty shell from day one, too afraid to clutter your workspace or make it look unprofessional. However, personalising your desk can help improve your productivity and your mental health whilst at work - as well as make your office a more comfortable and welcoming place.

If you’re working at an office desk that is plain and impersonal, you probably find that your work-day can become tiring and boring, which can cause a lack of focus. This loss of productivity can increase the stress and pressure that you feel at work. Paired with a desk that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, your mental health can be impacted with increased anxiety levels and depression.

To avoid this, and the fear of your lifeless desk waiting for you each morning, it’s time to create a workspace that is welcoming and works for you.  

Here is our list of eight clever ways that you can personalise your office desk:

Quirky stationery

Longing for the days when your stationery is no longer misplaced or mistaken by for colleagues for being theirs? If so, then there is no better time to spruce up your office stationery collection than now!

Yellow table top with various office stationery.
Investing in some quirky stationery for your desk will help you keep track of all of your office essentials as well as add some colour to your workspace. Whether you’re looking for something to show off your love of cats or your sci-fi addiction, there are a wide range of uniquely designed stationery available to make you and your colleagues smile.

Even better, treating yourself to some fun stationery means you’ll always know what is yours, so you’ll never have to deal with someone getting away with nabbing your pen again!

Coloured keyboard and mouse mats

More often than not, the go-to choice for keyboard and mouse mats are plain and simple. Yet, swapping the classic black mats for something patterned or designed with your own image choice is an easy way to bring your workspace to life.

A desk with a laptop, plant and patterned mousemat.
Make your desk the envy of your colleagues with a keyboard or mouse mat that features your favourite book cover, musician, recent holiday or anything else! Personalising your mouse mat is also a great way to keep your workspace functional and looking professional.

Be aware that if you’re having to ask yourself if your boss will like your choice, then it’s probably not the best option. So stick to designs that are office appropriate and boss-friendly or you may have to go back to your boring desk for good. 


Indoor plants can be a welcome addition to your office space and can brighten your workspace, as well as helping to improve the air quality in your office.

Not only is the extra greenery in your office sure to look great, buying fun pots for your new plants can be a great way to personalise your workspace and create a more relaxing environment to work in.

A workspace with two plants, a laptop and other office essentials.
For those wanting to bring a piece of the outdoors in, it’s important to consider the type of plants that are suitable for your office and the commitment that each plant needs. For more information, check out our blog on the best office plants.

Personal pictures

Whether you work from home or in an office, spending eight hours a day at a desk can sometimes feel like you’re a galaxy away from the outside world and your friends and family.

Having personal pictures of your family, friends, or favourite holidays at your desk can help keep you motivated by being a happy reminder of what you’re so working hard for. These pictures can also act as a good talking point for you and your colleagues in your well-deserved breaks.

Displaying these pictures in bright, patterned frames will help you to add a splash of colour to your workspace. Or if you’re concerned about desk space, then why not pin these to your desk divider as an easy alternative to show them off?

Stationery organisers

Keeping your workspace neat and tidy can be a mammoth task, especially during those busy work weeks. To help fight against this, getting a stationery organiser for your desk can provide the perfect solution to your workspace’s untidiness.

Your stationery organiser will allow you to store all of your small office essentials readily at your fingertips so that you won’t need to spend any more time searching for your favourite pen. Even better, you can get some fun and colourful organisers that can easily add a splash of colour to your desk without clashing too much with the rest of your office.

Also where better to display your brand new stationery than in an equally as quirky stationery organiser?  

Personalised mug

If you’re all too familiar with the struggle of being at work and craving your favourite hot drink, only to go to the kitchen and find that there are no more mugs left, then it’s safe to guess you’ve worked in a shared office at some point in your life.

Two coffee mugs on top of each other.
One of the best ways to combat this is to bring your own mug from home or one that you’ve had personalised. This simple addition to your workspace is also an easy way to help make your office feel more homely and a great way to make you smile throughout the day. If you can’t decide on one mug, why not bring two and use one in place of a stationary organiser?

It’s bound to be a hit around the office, so why not encourage everyone else to join in?

Desk lamp

The lighting in many offices can often be overly bright and harsh, which can lead to these workspaces becoming an uncomfortable environment to work in. These lights can cause regular headaches and even migraines amongst office workers which can ultimately impact the productivity levels within the office.

A desk lamp.
Using your own desk lamp can create a softer light for your workspace and provide you with a warmer glow. This will benefit you as you work and help you to avoid any headaches or further health implications.

Desk lamps can also help you add your own style to your workspace, but you may need to check what the office rules are regarding personal electronic devices.


Accessorising your workspace with anything from pinboards to motivational quotes to artwork and any other bits and pieces, is a great way to avoid looking at a dull, boring desk day in day out.

When deciding what accessories deserve a place on your desk, it’s important to consider how crowded your desk may be and how you will be able to keep your workspace clean.

There is a fine line between an accessorised and untidy desk, however don’t let this hold you back in getting creative with ways to spruce up your workspace.

Whether you’re the first, third, or sixth person to personalise their desk in your office, getting involved and adding these little touches will help to encourage others to do the same! With everyone getting involved, your office will soon become a more interesting and varied place which will help you all to get creative as you work. 

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