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What are the best office plants?

Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s important to make your workspace as peaceful and welcoming as possible.

No one wants to spend eight hours a day, five days a week in a space that keeps you longing for the outdoors. So why not bring the outdoors in with a selection of office plants that will transform your workspace? 

Benefits of office plants

For many of us, there is nothing worse than being stuck working in an office that is stuffy and uncomfortable. Even with ventilation from open windows and air conditioners, poor air quality can have a serious impact on your health. From frequent headaches and migraines to allergic reactions and exacerbating respiratory disorders, the poor air quality of your office can be having a huge knock-on effect on the efficiency and health of your business. 

Introducing plants into your office is a great way to combat these effects and improve overall air quality. From reducing the number of toxins and dust in the air in your office, plants can help to ease the health implications of poor air quality for you and your employees.  

The discomfort felt by your employees, due to the poor air quality at work, can also cause poor productivity, which can increase the stress levels in your office. By simply adding plants, at a ratio of one plant per three employees, you will soon see a transformation in productivity, stress-related issues and the overall well being of your employees.

Good plant choices for your office

To avoid creating a sad plant cemetery in your office or at your desk, it’s important to consider what plants will work for you and your space as well as the ones that will suit your gardening skills - or lack of! There are a variety of office plants available that require different levels of care. Here are some you might want to consider:

Spider plant

Small spider plant on a desk.

These easily recognisable plants have long spider-like leaves that are often green and white. The spider plant is a tough, adaptable common house plant that doesn't require a lot of attention. Preferring to dry out between waterings, these plants can be left - or forgotten about - on your office desk and will still be able to thrive. They’re a great option if you can’t trust your colleagues to water your plants while you’re on holiday.


Multiple aloe plants.

If your office gets a lot of bright, natural light then this succulent is a great choice for you. With long, thick leaves that store water, aloes only require watering every two to four weeks so are an ideal low maintenance plant for your desk. They are definitely the best friend of those who have a reputation as a plant killer. 

Peace lily

Close up of a peace lily.

Not only are they elegant looking plants, but peace lilies can also be a helpful addition to any office as they are able to clean the air. Peace lilies are very tolerant indoor plants that require low to medium sunlight and watering only once their soil has become dry. This easy-care routine means that these plants will work well as a desk or a shared office plant. If you see the plant start to droop or look a bit sorry for itself, you only need to water it to get it to perk right up again.

Neon pothos

@lady.botanical A neon pothos plant example.
Image via @lady.botanical

If you’re looking for a vibrant addition to your office then a neon pothos is for you. With bright green and yellow leaves, this plant also has a great air-purifying quality that will help keep your office’s air fresh. However, this plant requires a little more care and attention and needs to be watered regularly to keep its soil moist, so if you aren’t great at routine and plant care, you might want to work up to it.


A small cactus with two pink flowers.

A common indoor plant choice, cacti are available in a variety of sizes so that you will easily be able to find the perfect one for your office or desk. Also a low maintenance plant, cacti are a great way of adding some colour and decoration to your workspace. However, it’s important to consider the placement of your cacti so they don’t become a health and safety hazard - no one wants to get pricked just walking past your desk! 

Positioning your plants

Once you’ve chosen the right plant for you and your space, it’s time to consider where to place them. As mentioned above, it’s important to know the amount of light that each plant needs to stay healthy before deciding where to position them.

If you’ve opted for a plant that needs a lot of natural, bright sunlight then choose a spot like a window sill where your plants are guaranteed to get the right amount of sunlight. To make your office as peaceful as possible, add more plants whenever you feel confident to do so and add further decorations to keep your workspace feeling positive. 

Grid storage options are a great way of displaying your plants and keeping your office organised. Our Complete Cube Storage Units come with an array of storage options as well as a plant hanger - which is great for trailing plants - that can be used to proudly display your plants in a fun way.

For plants at your desk, why not choose colourfully designed pots to keep your plants in? This can brighten up your workspace as well as a way in helping you stay motivated and productive. 

Now that you know what plants are best for your space and how to look after them, all that’s left is to treat your office to some greenery and try to keep it all alive!

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