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Choosing a study desk for a teenager

Without a study area, teenagers, like all of us, can find it difficult to get focused and stay productive when doing school or college work at home.

Trying to concentrate in a busy living room with a laptop balanced on their knees and their school books sprawled across the floor can impact their productivity - especially if their siblings are arguing over what to watch on TV!

Even moving to their bedroom to try and find some peace and quiet can have a negative impact on both their sleep pattern and mental health. Without a proper study area, many teenagers end up working while sitting on their bed. Due to the blue light produced by their screens and the associated habits of working from their bed, it can be difficult for them to fall and stay asleep, which can affect their school life and studies.

Creating a separate study area for your teenager can help eradicate these problems and improve their focus as they study. But how do you choose the right study desk for your teenager?  

Finding the right desk size

There is nothing worse than settling down to work at a desk that is too cramped or so unnecessarily large for you that you feel like you’re losing all of your papers. Either way, it’s likely you’ll end up getting nothing done, except trying to sort an unorganised mess. 

That’s even if it’s the right fit for your space in the first place! Whether you have chosen space in your teenager’s bedroom or you have dedicated a spot for them in your living room, it is important to research the wide range of desk types and sizes that are available so that you can be certain that you can find the best one that suits your teenager and your home. 

You’ll also need to measure the space you have to ensure you’re able to find a desk that actually fits. To find the best workspace for your teenager, it is important to check all of the width, depth and height desk dimensions when creating your teenager's study area. 

If you’re concerned about space, we offer a range of desks at a depth of 600mm rather than the average office desk depth of 800mm. All the desks in our Home Work range are offered at this convenient size and are priced from as low as £89 and come with free Next Day Delivery.

For more information about desk dimensions, check out our helpful blog on understanding office furniture measurements.

Urban R8 Lite study desk

Getting the best desk shape

Once you’ve considered the available space in your home and the possible size of your teenager's future study desk, it’s time to choose the desk shape that works best for the both of you. From the popular rectangular desk to a larger corner desk, each option offers your teenager a different way of studying.

Opting for a rectangular desk can be a simple solution in creating your teenager’s study area. A rectangular desk can come in a range of width and depth sizes meaning that you are able to find the right size that is perfect for your space. Our Urban R8 Lite Goalpost Leg Rectangular Desk is offered with four width options and four unique desk colours meaning that you can create a study area that’s practical and stylish.

Although the most common and popular desk shape, it is important to consider that not every study area is going to work with the standard shape of a rectangular desk. If it is likely that your teenager will need a bigger workspace, especially for art or design students, then a wave or a corner desk is a great solution. 

Both of these offer room for multiple screens, as well as their books and notepads. For art and design students, the wave and corner desks also allow ample room for crafting, sketchbooks and any of their other art supplies. Our Woodgrain Valoir Cantilever Wave Desk is a great choice, especially for rooms limited in size but still require a large workspace. This desk also comes with a choice of four width options that let you pick the perfect sized workspace for your teenager. 

Storage, storage and more storage

Choosing the right desk for your teenager is sometimes only half the battle when creating a usable study area for them. You also need them to keep their desk and study area - and maybe everything else - neat and tidy. 

Helping them to get more organised can be a simple way of improving their work efficiency, which will likely have a positive impact on their school success. 

Home Work Study Desk

Opting for a desk with built-in storage is a great space-saving solution. With a choice of upper and under desk storage options available, our Home Work range ensures that your teenager has everything they need at their fingertips. Even better, the range’s compact storage options don’t take up loads of space.

If you’re looking for a way to extend your teenager's study area, then desk-high storage can help expand their workspace while providing extra storage for your home. Our Vanta Black Desk High Bookcase can be a welcome addition to any study area, especially if your child has a passion for reading and is looking for a way to show off their book collection. 

Make sure they’re sitting comfortably

Ensuring that your teenager is using their study desk can be a nightmare. Many may just want to opt for the cosy option of working from their bed, not realising the impact that this could have on their health.

To ease any discomfort that your teenager may find whilst working from their desk, it’s important to invest in a chair that is comfortable and provides plenty of back support for them as they study.

Mia Desk Chair for Teenagers

Choosing a chair with swivel functions and adjustable levers allows your teenager the freedom to alter their position during their work time. This movement and change in position will help to avoid causing unnecessary back strain and discomfort whilst studying. Our Mia Office Chair comes in 10 different colours and offers a choice of lever adjustments with the option to add arms to the chair. 

Having a proper office chair at your teenagers' study area will also improve their health and posture in the long-term. The support given by a comfortable and supportive chair will ensure that they are sitting properly as they study and will help them avoid back problems that can arise later on in life. A good office chair will also help to improve their concentration as they work and help to create a welcoming study space for them to want to return to.

Add a splash of colour  

Choosing a desk that complements your home design and is appealing to your teenager can be a struggle - often these are two opposing ideas! However, it’s important to get a design that is visually pleasing and one that encourages productivity from your teenager as they study. 

When you can both decide on a look, no matter the colour scheme or design, we’ve got you covered with a range of desk and storage colours and finishes to suit any room.

Our Kaleidoscope desks and storage range offers six bright colour choices so your teenager is sure to like at least one! Fingers crossed too, that opting for a colourful desk in the first place will help discourage your teenagers' own desk ‘design’ with added stickers or scribbles!

The finishing study desk touches 

Once the desk and study area is all set up and ready to go, why not personalise the space with some added extras? 

From pen holders to cork boards and photo frames to desk plants, get creative with whatever you and your teenager choose. Adding all of these colourful design extras will help create a space that is a welcoming place to study and one that blends in with your home.

Ready to start choosing a study desk for your teenager? Take a look at some of our desk and matching storage ranges here to get inspiration.

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