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Create stunning desk formations with our desks

We've previously touched on the point of how the office environment can have an impact on the psychology of your team and how placing people with certain roles, in to certain places can have either a negative or positive impact on the overall success of a business [ you can read that article, here].

However, one area we really didn't focus on, but we will do now, it how best to configure desks to make perfect working environments. This articles looks at exactly that - how you can configure any of our desks to make an environment that's right for you and your workforce.

Desk formations with the i10 Bench

Desk formations with the R8 Bench

Desk formations with the X5 Bench

Desk formations with the X5 Cantilever

Desk formations with the A4 System

Desk formations with the M3 System

Desk formations with the C3 Cantilever

Desk formations with the C3 Panel

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