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Ways to Decorate your Office Desk like a Pro

For many of us who work in an office environment, the majority of the week is spent getting the job done for 8 or more hours a day. Our office desk is practically our second home we spend that much time there. So why not decorate it like you would your own home? After all, you’re probably spending more time there anyway.

As we get older time seems to speed up and we wonder where the week, the month and even each year, has gone - before we know it we’re leaving the office to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

We often forget how exciting the build-up is to Easter, Halloween and Christmas because we spend a lot of the time stuck at our office desk. However, you can still get excited for these events whilst working in an office.

We’ve put together a little guide to help you decorate your office desk like a pro, ready for each season, featuring exclusive tips from a few of the UK's best interior stores;

How to Decorate Your Office Desk for Easter

When Easter comes around, it’s time to add some colour to your workspace ready for spring. You want to use vibrant colours when decorating your desk such as yellow, green and light blue to motivate you.

Here are a few ideas to bring the Easter celebrations into your office:

  • Fluffy Chicks - Decorate by putting some small fluffy chicks on your desk to keep you company whilst you're working.
  • Chocolate Eggs - Place a small basket container on your desk filled with mini chocolate eggs as a quick treat when you've worked hard or for when your colleagues come loitering around your desk.
  • Colourful Pick-Me-Up - Add a pop of spring colour into your workspace with some pastel colours. Floral, polka dot and stripe patterned stationary in spring themed colours will brighten up your desk.

Spring treat from Emma Lavelle from Rose and Grey

'Pretty up your work desk for Spring with our Cloud-Shaped Notice Board. This cute cork board is large enough for pinning your inspiration and to-do lists and it’s quirky shape conjures up visions of April showers.'

How to Decorate Your Office for Halloween

When you think of Halloween, you probably associate it with giving yourself a spooky makeover and going trick-or-treating as it is the second most commercial season after Christmas.

Celebrate Halloween in the office with these clever and fun decor ideas: 

  • Halloween Pumpkins - Get the whole office involved in a pumpkin carving contest to jazz up your desk spaces.
  •  Cut Out Bats - Draw the shape of a bat onto some black card and then cut round it. Add some googly eyes and string to hang these up around your office.
  • Trick-Or-Treat - Just because you work in an office doesn't mean you're too grown up to go trick-or-treating. Encourage all employees to bring treats into the office to share so they can go trick or treating (without the trick). You can go from desk to desk or office-to-office.
  • Decorate Your Desk - Make sure your surroundings are in the Halloween Spirit by decorating your office desk with fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, pumpkins or other spooky decor.

Image from

Halloween Ideas from Redcandy

'Giving your desk a spooky twist is a great way of getting your office into the Halloween spirit! It’s one of the most memorable events of the year, and nothing screams 'Halloween!' like bringing your carved pumpkin creations and macabre desk accessories to work with you. Plus it will encourage your colleagues to get involved - especially if you provide the Halloween candy! In our office we like to combine homemade decorations such as paper lanterns with practical desk accessories that have a ghoulish twist - such as our Skull Desk Tidy!'

- Rachel Escott, Interiors Trend Guru, Red Candy


Skull Desk Tidy - £27.50
Sun Jar - Yellow - £15.50 (with Halloween paper décor)
Skeleton Hand Tidy - £30
Zombie Bookends - £15

How to Decorate Your Office Desk for Christmas

One of the best ways to celebrate the Christmas season is by decorating your office desk, that way you can celebrate the season all day long and not just when you’re at home.  Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts, but there are also many other traditions your can use to add life to your office.

Here are some ideas to help you decorate your workspace at Christmas:

  • Hang some lights - Adding some fairy lights to your workspace is a simple way to get into the Christmas spirit and brighten up your mood. String the lights across your office desk and around your telephone or computer to make you feel more festive whilst at work.
  • Add a Christmas Tree - There’s no better way to get in the Christmas spirit than by purchasing a miniature Christmas tree to sit on your desk.
  • Bring Some Sparkle - Use some brightly coloured tinsel to decorate your desk and wrap around it around objects to bring some sparkle into your working environment. For example, wrap some tinsel around the base of your office chair, or go a step further and get in to work early one morning to decorate all the monitors in the room as a nice surprise to your colleagues.

Image from

Office Desks from Bluespot Furniture

If you need to upgrade your office desk before you start decorating it then visit Bluespot Furniture, and you’ll find a huge range of office desks available in different sizes suitable for your business or home office, with different shapes and styles to choose from.

Our office desks are available in the choice of up to 16 colour options from contemporary woodgrain finishes to bright and vibrant colours. All of our desks are competitively priced with prices starting from only £94.

All of our office desks are made in our own UK factory and manufactured to the highest standards. We hold FSC and ISO certificates – which is why we can also offer a 10 year guarantee on our desks.

For further information on any of our products or services, call a friendly member of our experienced sales team on 0800 8044 760, or email today.

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