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Environment first. Why we only stock FSC approved desks & storage systems

Can you imagine a world without forests? Unfortunately, we can. That's why our pledge to you is that when you buy any desk or storage unit from us online, you can be assured that the wood used in creating these items come from FSC certified forests. But what does this mean exactly? Take a look at our top 6 reasons why you should consider only buying furniture that's FSC approved.

1. Sustainability

When you buy any of our desks or storage systems, you can have a clear conscience that our products carry the FSC logo, which means that the wood has been harvested from a forest that's either having trees replaced for those that have been felled, or the area is allowed to regenerate naturally.

2. Restricted areas exempt from felling

Some parts or entire forests can be exempt from felling under FSC rules and our protected to ensure that rare animals and plants can flourish in their natural habitat. This also extends to indigenous people whom use forest, such as sacred sites.

3. FSC is the only scheme that's endorsed by large environmental charities

The FSC is the only wood accreditation scheme that has been endorsed by major environmental charities such as WWF, Greenpeace and the Woodland Trust.

4. Assurance of a future

The FSC certificate is an assurance that future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits of forests for years to come.

5. Rules imposed on forest owners

To hold the FSC accreditation, owners of forests must abide by certain rules and regulations created by the FSC:

a. Provide sufficient training for staff

b. Safety equipment for staff

c. A decent salary

d. Furthermore, forest owners are also encouraged to give back to the local communities that surround forests, such as the development of schools.

6. All wood is tracked from forest to store

Known as the chain of custody, FSC certified wood is tracked every step of the way between the forest it came from all the way to the customer. All desks & storage systems on Bluespot Furniture are manufactured under the following FSC certification number: FSC-C114663.


We are acutely aware of the price of living is going up and we also understand, as consumers ourselves, that putting the environment before the money we have in our pocket isn't always our main concerns. However, if none of us put the environment before profits, our Earth will become a much less interesting place. Be sure to only buy FSC approved furniture and let our children enjoy the wonders of our world as to what we've had.

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