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Home office inspiration

Need some home office inspiration? Design your perfect workspace by taking a look at some stylish offices we love.

If working from home is the new normal, then home offices are fast becoming a must-have. You probably already know that a dedicated workspace can help improve your focus and productivity, which is why working on the sofa or at the kitchen table aren’t ideal long-term solutions. 

A home office gives you room for everything you need to do your job, ensure you’re comfortable and help with creating a divide between your working day and family time. On top of this, a home office also gives you the opportunity to get creative and put together a space that is all about you, your style and how you like to work. 

While company offices can look chic, most are created entirely with functionality in mind. You can walk into any office and find a layout or style that is replicated in dozens - if not hundreds - of other similar companies. Your home office can be different. 

To help you see how amazing your workspace can be, whether you have a dedicated room or are setting up a desk in a multi-use space, we’ve gathered together some great images that can provide you with a bit of home office inspiration. 

Clever use of space

@anitayokota Compact home office inspiration
Image via @anitayokota

Home offices don’t need to take up loads of space. You can make use of the small single bedroom in your house, a section of your lounge or even a built-in wardrobe. So long as you’re clever with your furniture and storage, you can easily create a functional workspace. 

We love this office created by Anita Yokota, especially as it uses the available space so well. The bench-style desk creates a large workspace that will allow you to have several projects ongoing at the same time or enable you to have space for work as well as hobbies. 

The light colour makes the room feel bigger while the under desk storage and high cupboards make use of every bit of the room. All the extra storage is ideal for keeping the office neat and tidy but the open shelving also means it’s easy to create fun displays. 

Our Home Work range of desks is designed for smaller spaces, with every desk coming in a narrower size than average. They are also available with various types of built-in or attached storage, so you can easily make the most of the space you have without needing to put up shelves or separate cabinets. 

Simple and personal

@lisaweaverhome simple home office inspiration
Image via @lisaweaverhome

If you’re someone who likes everything in its place, a simple style of home office is probably for you. You don’t need loads of extras or distractions if that isn’t your style, as Lisa Weaver shows. 

Her pretty office space is simple but stylish, with a nice level of personalisation that doesn’t lead to a cluttered desk. The light-coloured desk with storage underneath helps to brighten up the room and keep things tidy while the added shelf for personal items means that the workspace is kept clear. 

We love plants in an office as they can be really beneficial to your health and wellbeing - as our blog shows - so the addition of greenery and images that feature plants gets a big thumbs up. This office shows that you can easily reflect yourself in the space without going overboard and impacting how you like to work. 

If a simple white desk is your cup of tea, our stylish White Valoir Cantilever Desk could be the perfect option. It comes in five sizes to suit your space and matches with a lot of our storage options so you can build your perfect understated home office.  

Compact for any room

@holly_wood_1983 multi-use room home office inspiration
Image via @holly_wood_1983

It isn’t always possible to take up a whole room for your office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a functional workspace. Holly Wood has managed to transform one corner of a room into an office, leaving the rest of the room to be used for different things. 

Often, people tuck their desks right into the corner when they are setting up an office in a multi-use room, but we like the fact that Holly has put her’s at an angle. Often being right in the corner can leave you feeling cramped, but this angle allows for more freedom of movement while still only taking up a small amount of space. 

Utilising under desk storage - such as drawers, shelves or pedestals - can help keep your mini office tidy without taking up loads more room. It’s also important to factor in the size of your office chair when creating a setup like this, as you need space to move. hile you can opt for a smaller chair, an ergonomic desk chair is always the best option if you spend a lot of time at your desk.

To help you make the most of a small space for your office, most of our desks are available in various sizes. Our more simple desks - like our Carbon Valoir Cantilever Desk, for example - can come in 800mm by 800mm squares, allowing you to tuck them into a corner or place them at an angle to open up your office space a bit more.

Shared with space

@uptownwithellybrown shared home office inspiration
Image via @uptownwithellybrown

Sharing a home office can be a bit more difficult than sharing a workspace in a company office. You’ll probably find that you have less room, are limited on the layout and struggle to incorporate work and home boundaries a bit more. 

This is why we like Elly Brown’s home office space for two people. Despite including a desk for two people, there is still plenty of space, the desks aren’t on top of each other and whoever works in this office can easily zone in on what they are doing or work collaboratively. 

Opting for matching desks in a light colour makes the room look bigger while the simple storage also creates a bit more space. This layout makes it easy for each workspace to be defined, so both people can easily personalise their desks. 

If you’re creating a home office for two people, this is a great layout to use. You can also opt for side-by-side desks - made possible as all of our desks are the same height - or create a layout where you’re facing each other by getting a back-to-back desk

You can also easily create stylish storage that isn’t too bulky for your room with our cube storage. Available as complete units or as modular sections so you can create your own, this type of storage is ideal for home and work and will create a super stylish look. 

Share your home office

If you’ve created a great home office that you’re proud of or have added some of our office furniture to your space, we want to see! Share your office space with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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