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Home offices now top house hunters ‘must-have’ list

People looking for a new house are less interested in the number of bedrooms, with home office space now being the most sought-after feature.

Lockdown restrictions have got a lot of people re-thinking their priorities, especially when it comes to buying a new house. The number of bedrooms is no longer the most important consideration for those looking to move, according to Homes and Property. Instead, there is a greater call for houses and apartments that provide a home office. 

Laptop and coffee in a home office

Home offices are the most important property factor

Since the housing market opened again in May following the Covid-19 lockdown, demands from buyers have changed slightly. Top of the non-negotiable list for those on the hunt for a house is space to work from home, says London estate agent, Dexters.

This is hardly surprising when you consider how many people have had to adjust to working from home due to the pandemic. Many people were left without the right home office set up, meaning they needed to create space or work in a multi-use room, such as the lounge. This is hardly ideal for concentration and productivity, something that housebuyers seem to recognise. 

When you also consider the fact that a huge number of people are looking to continue working flexibly after lockdown has been fully lifted, it also makes sense that a home office is now the must-have addition to properties. With work priorities shifting, this will spill over into home priorities, including available space in a house to allow for comfortable and productive working.

Woman working on laptop while sat on house steps

Outside space is the second must-have

Home offices aren’t the only must-have now for housebuyers, gardens are increasing importance too. Whereas previously the size of a kitchen or the external appearance of a property were seen as important, lockdown means that more people are looking for outside space. 

Gardens, roof terraces, balconies and access to parks are all seen as vital by those exploring the property market now. With the ability to go out and access to open spaces being limited, it seems that more people are looking for ways to make their time at home much more well-rounded. 

Of course, if you have access to a garden, you may not need a spare room to transform into a home office. If your garden has space for a summer house or large shed, you could easily create a garden office that allows you to make the most of the outdoors but also provides you with a work/home separation that can make flexible working easier. 

Andy Shepherd, chief executive of Dexters, said: “The shifts in the top ten ‘must-have’ features show that suddenly people are needing more space and not just for working from home. In our transformed Covid-19 world, life has become more home-based and this will no doubt become the norm for some while to come, from eating and socialising to gardening and exercising…

“Cycle routes are the new travel lines into town, walking distances to schools and how far it is to the park are now what everyone wants to know.”

Need to create your home office?

Of course, you don’t necessarily need a spare room or a large garden to be able to work from home. There are plenty of ways you can make space in your current home to allow you to create a suitable work area. 

Whether you move around your existing furniture or transform a little-used room, you don’t need loads of space for your home office. To help you create an office at home that works for you, we’ve put together an essential guide on home office planning, including all of our top tips.  

We also have our range of narrow desks designed to better fit in your home. Coming with various storage options, our Home Work desks could allow you to quickly create a home office without a lot of fuss. 

If you need any further help when it comes to creating a home office, we’re more than happy to help. Our customer service team is on hand to answer product queries, help you find the right furniture for your needs and even to ensure you have the right measurements. Get in touch with your questions and we’ll help you put together your perfect home office, whether you’ve just moved or not.

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