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How to choose a desk for your home

Whether you’re looking for a desk so you can work from home or just want to create a space where you can get stuck into your hobbies, getting the right one for you and your space can be a struggle.

From confusing size options to finding the right shape for your room, choosing your ideal desk doesn’t have to end up causing you a headache. 

To make sure you can use your desk comfortably and productively, it’s essential to choose a desk that gives you the workspace you need and that suits the work you do or your hobbies.

To help you choose the right desk for you, we've compiled our best advice when it comes to getting the desk that is most suited for you and your home.

A person working at a desk with a laptop, notepad, book and coffee cup on.

What size desk do you need?

Making the mistake of buying the wrong sized desk for you and your space can have a huge impact on how practical it will be - as well as meaning you may need to go through the hassle of returning it. Getting a desk that is either too big for your space or too small for the way you work can end up having a negative effect on your productivity and comfort.

To avoid this, it's important to consider the positioning of your desk before you purchase it. This will help ensure your desk is positioned close enough to power points, has the right lighting and is in a private, and quiet, area.

Once you know where you intend to position your desk, you can then measure the space to see what size desk will work. Taking the time to measure your space correctly will give you accurate width, depth and height dimensions that will be perfectly suited for your home - just make sure you also factor in your chair and any storage you might need! If you aren’t sure what you need to measure, our office measurements guide can help you.

If you don’t have a lot of room, you may find that a standard office desk isn’t the right choice. In this case, have a look at what compact desk ranges are available to see if this is a better option for your home. 

All of the desks in our Home Work range are available with a convenient depth of 600mm rather than the desk standard of 800mm, which means they are better suited to smaller spaces, such as your home office.

What shape desk is best for your space?

To keep your home office functional and to make the most of the available space, it’s important to get the best desk shape. Creating a functional and practical workspace will also ensure that you can work in an efficient way that suits you while staying organised.

Rectangular desks are the most popular choice and can be great for finding a specific fit for your room as this desk shape is often available in a variety of width and depths sizes. They are ideal for putting in a corner, against a wall, in the centre of a room or for creating a bank of desks. However, it’s important to note that while these size options allow you some options, a rectangular shaped desk can be limiting for those who require a large workspace. 

For those wanting to use their home desks to work on multiple screens or for hobbies that require a bit more room, wave desks or corner desks can be great alternatives. 

Corner desks are ideal for sitting in the corner of a room - as the name suggests - so are a good option for more awkward spaces. However, the large size of a corner desk can be a bit daunting when you consider the amount of space this desk shape will take up in your room. 

Opting for a wave desk can be a great compromise between getting a large work area without taking up too much space in your room, as it provides you with the benefits of a rectangular desk while also giving you a larger desk top.

Woman using her phone and working at a desk.

Do you need storage too?

Without any storage, your home desk can soon become cluttered and unorganised. This can end up making your workspace look untidy and will not encourage you to be productive or creative. 

Opting for a desk with drawers is an ideal way to keep your workspace organised and to ensure that all of your essentials are at your fingertips. Having a desk and storage combination can also help save space in your home, as well as making sure that you are able to keep your work and home life separate. Ensuring that you are able to pack away your work, crafts or games will help you to leave any stress at your desk for you to be able to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Finding more creative ways to add storage into your space, whether it is big or small, can also help to ensure that your work area remains usable and practical. Adding extra storage, such as filing cabinets or cupboards, can even improve your work efficiency as you’ll no longer need to waste time searching for a specific file or that essential piece of work equipment. 

If space isn’t a problem, then you could consider getting a larger unit to function as home storage as well as work. Our modular cube storage units are perfect for keeping your space neat and tidy, as well as being a great way to display awards, personal photos and even your indoor plants.  

What colour are you looking for?

As well as finding yourself a practical home desk, it is important to choose a desk that will complement your home design and existing furniture - especially if you’re putting it in a multi-use room like your lounge or dining room.

Our Woodgrain Duo Hoop Leg Desk is a great choice for pairing with your existing white or woodgrain furniture. With a natural oak desk top colour and white hoop legs, the stylish desk is ideal for both modern or slightly more traditional homes.

Are you looking for a desk to add a splash of colour into your home office? Our Kaleidoscope R8 Lite Goalpost Leg Rectangular Desk, like the rest of our Kaleidoscope range, comes in a choice of six vibrant colours, allowing you to choose the best one to brighten up your space to ensure that it is a welcoming place to work. 

What type of chair do you need?

Sitting comfortably at your desk is necessary for making sure that you can be as productive as possible as you work. It will also ensure your back is continuously supported to avoid causing yourself any work-related injuries. Many people make the mistake of overlooking choosing the right chair as they set up their workspace, but your chair is just as important as your desk.

Getting a proper and supportive office chair can be a way of improving your health, along with your comfort. It is important to invest in a chair that offers various swivel functions and adjustable levers. All of these functions will allow you the freedom to alter your position as and when you choose to avoid causing yourself any unnecessary back pain or strain.

Our Mia Office Chair offers you a choice of lever adjustments along with the option to add arms to your chair. This chair is also a great way to complement your office desk, as well as the design of your home, as it is available in a choice of 10 different fabric colours. Find out more about how to choose a comfortable office chair here

An open laptop on a table with a brief case in the background.

Whether you’re on a budget or wanting to get your desk up and running quickly, setting up your home office doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. With a huge range of office furniture available, it is important to be investing in quality products that will last with your intended day-to-day use, whether it be for work or for your hobby. For more advice on creating a work area in your home, check out our essential home office planning guide

Ready to start choosing your home desk? Take a look at our desks and matching storage ranges here to get inspiration.

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