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How to Choose the Right Writing Desk for your Home

How to choose the right writing desk for your home

Writing desks have been popular for centuries and today, they provide a great, space-efficient desk option for the home.

Whether you’re looking for something for your children to do their homework on, or want a desk you can use for home admin, creative writing or occasional computer use, a small writing desk is ideal.

Find out all about writing desks, and what you need to look for when choosing the right one for your home:

What is a writing desk?

The truth is that there is no standard definition for what a writing desk is – other than a desk you can write on! However, in practice, there are a few characteristics that make a desk a ‘writing desk’ as opposed to a home office desk:

1.Size – writing desks tend to be on the smaller side (800mm wide rather than 1200mm)

2.Storage – writing desks usually come with some integrated storage (usually a drawer), for your writing supplies and stationery

3.Design – modern writing desks are designed to be positioned up against a wall, rather than freestanding in the centre of a room

Things to look for in your writing desk

Before you go out and buy a writing desk, you’ll want to think about who’s going to be using it, and what they’re going to be using it for.

Remember, writing desks aren’t huge – and if you’re working from home full time, or need to do a lot of paper heavy admin, you may find a larger home office desk more appropriate and useful.

Once you’ve decided that a writing desk is right for you, you’ll need to consider:


You’ve got a few options when it comes to the style of a modern writing desk, all with different characteristics:

1.A-Frame writing desks – sleek and contemporary, the A-frame shape lends itself particularly well to slimline writing desks. This makes them perfect for smaller rooms.

2.Bench desks – strong, practical and ideal for positioning up against a wall, bench desks are another great option for writing desks.

3.Cantilever writing desks – the cantilever design is a classic, and if you choose a slimline 800mm model, makes an excellent choice for your writing desk.

Panel end desks, wave desks and corner shaped L desks don’t tend to be as suitable.


One of the key features of a writing desk is that it’s smaller than a traditional office desk. We reckon 800mm wide is the sweet spot, as 1200mm desks fall more into the larger home office/business use category.

At 800mm, a writing desk leaves enough space to work on a laptop, write a report or read through papers, but isn’t really suitable if you need to house a full desktop computer, printer and phone setup.

Storage options

At the very least, a writing desk should include a drawer to keep some supplies in. The small dimensions of a writing desk means that the vast majority don’t include pedestal storage underneath, as there simply isn’t space.

However, you can find 800mm wide models with integrated storage cupboards above the desk. These are perfect if you need plenty of storage for files/folders and papers, but don’t have enough space for a separate set of cupboards.


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