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How to Recycle and Dispose of your Office Desks

When it’s time to revamp your office with new furniture you’re going to be faced with the challenge of taking away all the old furniture.

If your office is feeling outdated and the décor affects your employees’ mood and productivity then it’s time to invest in some new office furniture.  We often don’t think about what we’re going to do with our old pieces of furniture until it’s too late and we’re left hiding away office desks, storage and chairs in a corner.

We’ve put together some suggestions to help you decide what to do with your old office furniture and how to recycle and dispose of your office desks:

Sell Your Unwanted Office Desks 

When you’re moving offices, or having a refurb, you may want to update your space with new modern office furniture. However, there’s often nothing wrong with the old furniture you currently have so you may be reluctant to simply throw it away.

If you think selling your office desks is the best option, then there’s a few things to bear in mind. Before contacting anybody who'll be willing to buy your old furniture, it's important to check that you meet a few requirements:

  • You must be able to provide quantities and images of the furniture you’re wanting to sell
  • The furniture must be of high quality and not damaged (beyond general wear and tear)
  • Most companies prefer large quantities of matching furniture
  • Check whether the company will collect the furniture in your area

There are a number of options when it comes to finding someone to take the furniture off you.  In many bigger cities you can find second hand furniture resellers, who may be willing to take the goods of you.  Alternatively there are numerous upcycle specialists who may be willing to use parts of the furniture in a project.

The obvious options for selling used goods are also available when it comes to office furniture, with both Gumtree and eBay having ripe furniture markets for resale online, although this will require more work to manage.

Donate To Charity

Another way to dispose of your unwanted office furniture is by donating it to local charities.  There are often local groups or organisations near you where you can donate your office furniture, equipment and supplies - a quick google search will usually bring back some options, although there is often a pickup charge.

There are also websites set up to recycle old furniture where registered charities and schools are able to benefit from you donating your unwanted office desks, storage units and chairs. Plus, you can promote your business as a ‘green’ business by helping the environment by donating your old furniture for good use.

Contact the Council

If your office furniture is damaged, you're struggling to move it in time, or to sell it, then you can contact your local council for removal of unwanted goods.

The council may be able to take away your old furniture or point you in the direct of companies that will be able to take it away for you - there will almost certainly be a charge for the disposal of goods, especially if they collect them.

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