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Introducing our newest range: Carbon

Our latest stylish range of office furniture available online

Carbon office furniture range marble finish

We’re excited to announce our new range of office furniture items: Carbon. Designed to add a stylish touch to your office – both at home and work – quickly and easily while also being super practical.

Currently featuring a selection of desks and storage
solutions – watch this space for a wider range soon - you can create a complete
office that suits your space and needs in no time with our exclusive Carbon

Modern, stylish office furniture design

Every product in our Carbon range is modern, effortlessly
chic and can be made to suit your needs. The black frames, desk tops and desk legs
look clean and professional, adding a modern touch to your office.

You can choose between three different finishes – White Marble, Metal Slate and Antique Oak – allowing you to match your office furniture with your personal style or your company branding. These colour choices can be applied to the fronts of all available storage options, creating a cohesive office space.

Perfectly complementing the black frames and all three of the finishes, the Carbon range also features copper-effect metal handles. Not only do these look great, but they’re also hardwearing enough to withstand daily use in a busy office environment.

Exceptional quality guaranteed

Not only does the Carbon range look great, but we also guarantee amazing quality that lasts. We make all of our furniture in our Yorkshire factory using the best manufacturing methods, ensuring that every item is of the highest standard.

Even better, we offer a ten-year guarantee on the range, so you can get help with your products for a decade after you purchase them. That’s how much we believe in our office furniture.

Carbon slate finish

What does the Carbon range include?

As with all of our office furniture ranges, Carbon features options to suit all of your needs, whether your kitting out a commercial office space or are upgrading your home office. You can choose from various desk styles and sizes, as well as numerous types and sizes of office storage.

Carbon desks

We have three desk styles available in our new Carbon range – Panel End, Cantilever and Deluxe - meaning you can choose the perfect desk based on the look you’re after, your office space and your budget. All of the desks are made in the UK to the highest standard, so you know that no matter which one you choose, it’s going to last you.

Carbon Deluxe desk with added storage
The new Deluxe desk from our Carbon range, complete with cable management and added storage.

All of the desks are available in several size options, allowing you to create the perfect desk for yourself or the needs of your business. They also work individually or if you want to set up several desks alongside or opposite each other, so you really do have complete control over the layout of your office.

On top of this, each of the three desk styles has other available options. You can choose a simple rectangular desk, a wave desk or one with more storage by opting for a single or double pedestal desk. If you want a Panel End or Cantilever desk, you also have the option of a radial desk, which provides more space and can be a great choice for fitting in office corners.

All of the Deluxe desks also have the added bonus of an in-leg cable management system, helping you to ensure your desk looks tidy and there are no hanging cables getting in your way.

Carbon office furniture range with oak finish

Carbon storage

Beyond desks, the Carbon range also includes a selection of different office storage solutions. Whether you just want a little bit of extra storage, need to move things about fairly regularly or need a place for everything in a large space, this new range has you covered.

You can choose from Pedestals, Cupboards, Filing Cabinets and Combination Cupboards, all of which are available with a choice of our three Carbon finishes and come with the same copper-effect metal handles.

Carbon under-desk pedestal with marble finish
Under-desk pedestal from the Carbon range with a White Marble finish


Pedestals are available in a number of different size options, so you can either choose under-desk storage or go for a taller option to effectively extend your desk while still giving you storage that can easily be moved around. The smaller options come with three drawers while taller Pedestals have three.

Even better, all of our Pedestals are delivered fully assembled, so you can use them straight away.

Carbon office cupboard with oak finish
Office cupboard from the carbon range with our Antique Oak finish


Depending on the space in your office, you can choose between three cupboard sizes. The smallest option is desk-high, once again meaning you extend the surface area of your desk, which could be helpful if you need a printer close to hand. There is also a medium and large option, giving you as much storage space as you need.

Carbon office filing cabinet with slate finish
Medium filing cabinet from the Carbon range with our Metal Slate finish

Filing cabinets

When it comes to Carbon Filing Cabinets, you can choose one that suits your space and your filing needs. We have three sizes of cabinets available for foolscap filing, coming with two, three or four drawers. If you need an A4 filing cabinet, our side filing cabinet – which comes in one size – is a perfect choice. All Filing Cabinets are delivered already assembled, so you can sort your storage out quickly.

Carbon office combination cupboard with marble finish
Combination cupboard from the carbon range in our White Marble finish

Combination cupboards

If you want a variety of storage options in one item of furniture, our Combination Cupboards are the perfect option. Suitable for storage and displays, you can personalise your cupboard by selecting whether you want cupboards, drawers or shelves. To make life easier, all combination cupboards are also delivered fully assembled.

Carbon range delivery

Once you’ve chosen all of your office furniture online, you just need to get it delivered. If you need everything as soon as possible, Next Day Delivery is available across the carbon range when you order before 1pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, if you’re in no hurry, you can enjoy free delivery across the range within seven days, saving you money.

Take a look at the full Carbon office furniture range with our latest lookbook.

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