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  • Weird office trends we kind of love

    There's more to office design than colours and desk style. Here are some unusual trends you need to watch out for. Offices are now more than a place to go to work a typical nine-to-five day. They have become about community and form an important part of a company’s brand image. It’s no surprise then [...] More
  • How to create the perfect writer’s room

    Want to create a space to write? Ensure your workspace is comfortable and encourages productivity. Whether you write for work, as a hobby or are an aspiring novelist or screenwriter, the right space can make all the difference. Having a designated writer’s room can help keep you inspired and productive - as well as limit [...] More
  • Half of UK companies planning to stagger the return to the workplace

    Offices are opening across the country but most companies are playing it safe when it comes to staff returning. Offices may be starting to reopen, but many businesses aren’t ready to fully open their doors to everyone following the Covid-19 lockdown. Just under half (49%) are planning to stagger when their workers return to the [...] More
  • Remote working job searches jump 60% during lockdown

    More people are looking for jobs that allow remote working and many companies are changing the way they work. Remote working has become the norm now for so many people across the UK. Even with many offices and workplaces starting to open their doors once again, a huge number of people want to continue with [...] More
  • How to hold an effective meeting

    Not every meeting should be a meeting and many are far from helpful. So how do you make sure your meeting is worthwhile? We have all been invited to meetings that definitely could have been emails or been stuck in sessions that seem to go on for hours without anyone getting anywhere. There is nothing [...] More
  • Home offices now top house hunters ‘must-have’ list

    Home offices now top house hunters ‘must-have’ list

    People looking for a new house are less interested in the number of bedrooms, with home office space now being the most sought-after feature. Lockdown restrictions have got a lot of people re-thinking their priorities, especially when it comes to buying a new house. The number of bedrooms is no longer the most important consideration [...] More
  • How should offices deal with Covid-19 when reopening?

    With offices looking to reopen, are you aware of the official guidance when reintegrating to the workplace? It is a daunting time for workers as we prepare to head back to the workplace for the first time since lockdown. With many offices now looking to reopen their doors to workers, numerous safety measures are being [...] More
  • The ultimate beginner’s guide to office yoga

    Workplace yoga can help protect your mental wellbeing as well as offering physical benefits - so why not try it? Occupational stress is high right now, leaving workers feeling overwhelmed, anxious and under extreme pressure. Whether you’re working from home or still in the office, what steps have you been taking to protect your mental [...] More
  • Employee wellbeing showed decline before lockdown

    Employee wellbeing showed decline before lockdown

    Lockdown may have impacted employee wellbeing but new research suggests there were issues well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have been focused on worker’s wellbeing during lockdown, with concerns being raised about the effect that working from home for so long may be having. However, new research has found that employee wellbeing has actually [...] More
  • Two women looking at a laptop.

    Flexible working: Everything you need to know

    The possibility of returning to work has never felt so daunting. Along with the uncertainty of exactly when offices are likely to be up and running again, there is the added worry of how safe your return to work may actually be. From reduced office capacity to adhere to social distancing measures, to possible shift [...] More
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