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  • Meeting room name generator

    Every aspect of your office helps to reflect your company culture, including the names you give your meeting rooms. A name can reveal a lot about a place - it’s why people think long and hard about what to call their company in the first place. A name can provide insight into your branding, company [...] More
  • Why you should probably call in sick more

    Working while sick is becoming more common, especially with people working from home, but it isn't good for you health and wellbeing. Many people are settling into their new way of working, with more people working from home than ever before. While remote working may provide a greater level of flexibility and many benefits for [...] More
  • Coffee on office desk

    How to fight office fatigue

    At this time of year, many people feel more tired than usual and struggle to get through the workday. We’ve got some tips that can help. Office fatigue can affect you throughout the year, but for many, it seems to get worse as we get closer to the winter season. Shorter days, darker mornings and [...] More
  • Person wearing headphones while gaming on PC

    How to choose the right gaming desk

    A gaming desk doesn’t need to be built for purpose, there are plenty of easily-available office desks that suit your needs without costing a fortune. Setting up a gaming desk is a bit different to setting up a home office desk. While you still need space for your computer and monitors, you also need to [...] More
  • A woman using her phone and working at a desk.

    How to choose a desk for your home

    Whether you’re looking for a desk so you can work from home or just want to create a space where you can get stuck into your hobbies, getting the right one for you and your space can be a struggle. From confusing size options to finding the right shape for your room, choosing your ideal …

  • Latest Covid-19 workplace guidance and updates

    New rules, guidance and job schemes have been unveiled as part of the government's efforts to curb Covid-19. So how do they affect you? The rising rate of Covid-19 infections has meant that the UK government has backtracked on its previous advice to return to work. On Thursday, September 24th, prime minister Boris Johnson advised [...] More
  • Woman working from home at desk

    88% of employees want remote working to continue

    Most workers want to continue working from home despite the government push to get back to the office. While the government may now be urging a return to work following the Covid-19 lockdown, with health minister Matt Hancock saying that face-to-face contact is vital for colleagues, many UK workers are quite happy to continue to [...] More
  • Employee burnout due to Covid-19

    Half of managers highlight risk of employee burnout

    47% of managers are concerned that employee burnout may be on the rise due to changing work environments The change in work patterns due to Covid-19 may have worked for some people, but others are starting to feel the strain. Almost half (47%) of managers are currently concerned that their staff are at risk of [...] More
  • Working in a pandemic: The impact on mental health

    Studies show worrying statistics when looking at workers’ mental health since lockdown. What can employers do to help? We wrote previously about looking after your mental wellbeing when working from home, but now that some workplaces are reopening and a new working routine is emerging, could the impact of lockdown have taken its toll on …

  • People working at a desk with a laptop.

    Why employees want to return to the office

    Remote working has offered a win-win solution for many companies and employees during the last few months. However, as lockdown restrictions continue to lift across the UK, it seems that a growing number of employees are eager to get back into the office.Despite the ease in which many workers transitioned into their working from home [...] More