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Remote working job searches jump 60% during lockdown

More people are looking for jobs that allow remote working and many companies are changing the way they work.

Remote working has become the norm now for so many people across the UK. Even with many offices and workplaces starting to open their doors once again, a huge number of people want to continue with flexible working

This trend now seems to be reflected in those looking for a new job, with LinkedIn revealing that searches for remote working positions have increased by 60% since March. According to the business networking site, there has been a huge jump in job searches containing keywords like ‘working from home’ and using the ‘remote’ filter preference since lockdown began. 

In fact, views of remote jobs on LinkedIn are currently 2.5 times higher than they were before the COVID-19 lockdown began. On top of this, there has been a 189% increase in applications for jobs that offer remote working, showing that there has been a huge shift in worker priorities due to the pandemic. 

person working remotely in home office

But it isn’t just job hunters who have changed what they are looking for from a role, companies are starting to think differently about the positions they have they available. No longer are companies sticking to the standard nine to five office roles, instead, there has been a 277% increase in job postings offering remote working during the lockdown period.

Director at LinkedIn, Janine Chamberlin, said: “It’s clear that people want more flexibility when it comes to work.

“They want to be able to decide for themselves when to work from the office and when to work from home, depending on their work and life commitments.

“Companies that offer greater flexibility will benefit from improved engagement and loyalty, and have access to broader and more diverse talent pools as they become unconstrained by location.”

On top of the trends in job searches and postings, a LinkedIn survey found that 54% of those working from home during lockdown would like to be given the opportunity to work from home more regularly. 

However, there still seems to be the belief or perceived belief that those working from home are not working as hard as those in an office. This is shown by the fact that 25% of survey respondents said they feel pressured to respond to emails more quickly. In addition, remote workers tend to clock up an extra 28 hours of monthly overtime, on average, suggesting that companies need to consider how to reduce some of this added stress. 

Woman working from home with young child

Despite these findings, people are still able to see how beneficial flexible working is, especially when it comes to creating a better balance between their home and work lives. Just under half (44%) said that working from home has helped them to feel more connected to their family, while 24% have more time for exercise and 17% said they were eating better. 

While all of these findings suggest that remote working is here to stay, they also show the need for those wishing to continue working flexibly to ensure they have a suitable space at home in which to do so. 

Although people may have been caught unprepared at the start of lockdown, resulting in working from the sofa or dining room table, these environments are not suitable for productive working in the long-run. Those looking for a new role that allows remote working, as well as those planning on asking their company about flexible working arrangements, should be able to demonstrate that they have a suitable workplace set up at home. 

Whether you have a designated home office or a desk in a multi-use space, showing that you can work comfortably, productively and securely will be vital when it comes to remote working. On top of that, you don’t want to impact your health by working in an unsuitable place, which is why investing in home office furniture is a good option if remote working is something you want to stick with. 

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