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Second hand office furniture – what you should know before you buy

One of the most searched for terms on the internet when it comes to furniture is the phrase, 'second hand office furniture' or 'used office furniture'. While this should be no surprise as people are looking to pick up a bargain, more often than not, purchasers are more often than not finding themselves dissatisfied with their used furniture purchase.

Top 5 things to consider when purchasing used office furniture

1. Who are you buying from?

eBay and Gumtree are good examples of marketplaces that advertise third parties second hand furniture online. And while eBay and Gumtree both have excellent ratings when it comes to their level of service, remember to look further into who you are buying from, because that is what's most important.

While on eBay you can find out a businesses, or individuals previous seller history (as rated by customers), Gumtree opens you up to making purchases from completely unknown sellers and provides no after sales care.

So, if you are going to make a purchase from any of these two, we'd recommend eBay, because unlike Gumtree, which is just like buying from someone at a car boot sale, the chances of after sales care is minimal to non-existent.

2. What are you buying?

Depending on what you are thinking about buying second hand when it comes to furniture, this may sway your decision making process. For example, if you are buying an office desk, what style is it? If it is a panel end desk, is the wooden frame intact and are the holes for screwing it to the tabletop in good condition? Same goes for cantilever, A-frame and bench leg desks.

Typically, desks that have been assembled and then dissembled, ready for your re-assembly will show signs of fatigue as they had never been designed for this situation and were only suppose to be put together once. Thus, you are most likely going to end up with a desk that has much wobble and quite unstable. This, of course, is not an issue if you find out that the used desk was purchased from us (view our desks here), as all our desks have been designed and manufactured to keep their shape and not fatigue under the stresses of assembly and dis-assembly.

3. What if things go wrong?

A desk purchase isn't going to be the cheapest of purchases, so it's always good to know that if something goes wrong, there will be someone on hand to help you. Again, as per point 1, this will probably not be the case under 99% of cases. Here at Bluespot Furniture, we have numerous safeguards in place to ensure that every single one of our customers leaves us as a happy customer:

- 60 Day Money Back Policy

- 10 Year Guarantee

- 24hr Careline

- Free next day & named day delivery

4. Expectations

When you buy second hand office furniture, you should be setting your expectations lower than if you are buying a brand new item. Simply because of general wear and tear and the seller wanting to sell, the condition of office furniture that's already been used is typically in a poorer state than as advertised, so you should be prepared to buy and make use of sub-standard items.

5. Alternatives

Second hand used office furniture comes at a price, which is typically not the one you've paid for it. And while today it may look like a bargain, it may be well worth remembering points 1 to 4 and weigh these up with the options of buying brand new office furniture from a reputable retailer.

Why not take a look at our office furniture range, with desk prices starting at a little over £90. Start shopping now or compare our office desk prices to others, here.

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