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Why Should You Care About Your Office Furniture?

Many businesses often underestimate the importance of good looking office furniture and choose to buy cheaper, ordinary or even uncomfortable furniture which could give your potential clients, customers and employees the wrong message.

Why Should You Care About Your Office Furniture? Well, the furniture in your office is a big part of the success of your business and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. You need to carefully choose office furniture, which reflects your brand, promotes comfortable working practices and increases employee productivity.

When Should You Invest In New Furniture?

If you're based in the same office for a number of years there will come a time when you might ask yourself the question, “When should I buy new furniture for the office?”. In short, you should purchase new office furniture whenever it is needed. In a previous article we looked at the 6 obvious signs that you should look for when replacing your office desk you can read it here.

There are also a few different scenarios which may encourage you to buy new office furniture:

Moving Offices

If your office is moving location to new premises, then you may be considering to purchase new furniture to give you a fresh start.

It may be that you are moving into a smaller office so need to downsize the furniture you currently have by replacing it with something smaller. Alternatively, you may be moving into a location which offers more office space so you may have plans for a more open office space.  Either way it is an ideal opportunity to create a new working environment for your staff and think about how they might use the new space as effectively as possible.

>  Read our 10 tips for moving office premises

Decorating Your Office

When you decide it’s time to decorate or refurbish your office then it is likely to be an ideal time to purchase new office furniture.

Designing an inspiring office through your décor is difficult, but important when it comes to motivating employees and increasing productivity. You want to make your office environment as creative is possible and coloured office furniture is becoming increasingly popular - especially if you can find a colour which matches your branding. Moving away from the traditional woodgrain furniture in your office and adding a splash of colour can help to motivate your employees, but just as popular of a trend is using white as the base for all your furniture as it's a neutral option that allows the decor of the room or space be the centre of attention.

When it comes to your office refurb you may want to purchase office furniture that reflects your brand and will leave a lasting impression on employees and visitors - see the image below where we've used a hint of green alongside white to create a bright but clean working environment.

Recruiting New Employees

If your business is recruiting more employees and they don’t have any furniture free for them to use, then clearly you will need to purchase new furniture of some sort.

All employees should have the same quality furniture as each other, otherwise this can lead to resentment and some employees feeling disgruntled.  Take the opportunity to think about the new working space, and where it fits into your current layout.


What Are The Benefits Of Buying New Office Furniture?

  • Great opportunity to freshen up and old-dated office

Your office environment may have become dull and grey over the years and your employees lack motivation because of their working environment.

It could also be the years of sitting on an old office chair that is giving them aches and pains. Freshening up your office furniture allows you to show potential customers and visitors that you’re forward thinking, whilst giving your staff a new lease of life.

  • More ergonomically friendly

Ensuring that your office is as ergonomically friendly as possible is a must in 2017.

Office seating plans and style of furniture can have a huge impact on your employees well-being at work. Investing in ergonomically friendly office furniture can improve the productivity of your workforce.  This is why recent trends of height adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs have become much more popular in the office, as they are ideal solutions to change the way you work.

  • Guarantee

Most office furniture companies offer some sort of guarantee with their products, we go a step further and give a full 10 years.

At Bluespot Furniture all of our office furniture is made to the highest standards, and to prove it we offer a 10 year guarantee on furniture and a 5 year guarantee on our chairs. If your desk suddenly becomes wobbly then you’re faced with the problem of getting it repaired. However, buying new office furniture means you can take advantage of a guarantee that covers manufacturer defects even years down the line.

Office Furniture from Bluespot Furniture

Buy your office furniture online from Bluespot Furniture and you’ll find everything you need to freshen up your office in one place.

We have hundreds of different desks and office storage solutions in an unrivalled range of sizes, styles and colours – all at ultra-competitive prices.

Our furniture is made in the UK from high quality materials, to exacting standards. Choose Bluespot Furniture, and you’ll benefits from free next day delivery, honest advice and a 10 year guarantee on all our products.

For further information on any of our products or services, call a friendly member of our experienced sales team on 0800 8044 760, or email today.

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