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How to maximise a small office layout

How to maximise a small office layout Knowledge Hub Create an office to suit all your needs with our ultimate guide to small office design…     With space often being at a premium in both homes and businesses, it’s essential to ensure an office suits your needs even if you don’t have much room….

How clean is your chair?

How clean is your chair?

How clean is your chair? Knowledge Hub For many of us, we spend our workdays sitting on the same office chair eight hours a day, five days a week. But how often is it that we consider the cleanliness of where we are sitting? In comparison to your office desk where it is easy to…

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Will COVID-19 affect my order?

Will COVID-19 affect my order? Knowledge Hub We’re working hard to keep everything moving. Here’s what you need to know about your order and Coronavirus The recent outbreak of Coronavirus is affecting many industries and individuals. We understand that you likely have some concerns about placing an order or about existing orders in light of…

Office Chair

How to choose a comfortable office chair

How to choose a comfortable office chair Knowledge Hub Are you sitting comfortably? Not having the right desk chair can cause a lot of issues, so choosing a comfortable office chair is important. If you’re regularly leaving your desk at the end of the day with more and more aches and pains or if you’re…

Home Office

Home office planning: The essential guide

Home office planning: The essential guide Knowledge Hub There’s a lot more to home office planning than simply buying a desk. Everything about your space – from the layout to your chair – needs to work for you. Working from home is becoming the new normal for a lot of people and with increased workplace…

Office Desk

Office desk styles

Office desk styles Knowledge Hub Find the perfect office desk style for your business or home office setup with Bluespot Furniture When it comes to office furniture, desks are probably one of the most essential items. While the types of storage and meeting room furniture you need will vary from company to company, office desks…


Understanding office furniture measurements

Understanding office furniture measurements Knowledge Hub What is the width, depth and height of your office furniture? Make sure you’re ordering the right sizes for your space by understanding office furniture measurements using our guide. Understanding office furniture measurements doesn’t need to be as difficult as it might appear to be at first. Once you…

Office Refurb

The definitive office refurbishment checklist

The definitive office refurbishment checklist Knowledge Hub Planning an office refurbishment? Make sure you have every step planned out with this helpful checklist so your refit goes as smoothly as possible. There is a whole host of reasons your business might be considering an office refurbishment. It may be going through a rebrand, expansion, change…


Office chair buyer’s guide

Office chair buyer’s guide Knowledge Hub Easily find the perfect office chair to suit your needs with our buying tips and advice Whether you’re looking to complete your home office or kitting out your business premises – the right, high quality office chairs will make a huge difference to your working environment. With so much…