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  • Office planning - Essential office furniture

    Office planning – Essential office furniture

    What furniture does your office definitely have to have and how do you choose the right styles for your space? When it comes to planning your office, it isn’t just a case of counting up how many people you need to accommodate and ordering some desks. A lot goes into creating a functional, practical and …

  • How clean is your chair?

    How clean is your chair?

    For many of us, we spend our workdays sitting on the same office chair eight hours a day, five days a week. But how often is it that we consider the cleanliness of where we are sitting? In comparison to your office desk where it is easy to see if your workspace is untidy and …

  • Office Chair

    How to choose a comfortable office chair

    Are you sitting comfortably? Not having the right desk chair can cause a lot of issues, so choosing a comfortable office chair is important. If you’re regularly leaving your desk at the end of the day with more and more aches and pains or if you’re simply looking for a chair to kit out your …

  • OfficeChairs

    Office chair buyer’s guide

    Easily find the perfect office chair to suit your needs with our buying tips and advice   Whether you’re looking to complete your home office or kitting out your business premises – the right, high-quality office chairs will make a huge difference to your working environment. With so much choice available, choosing the perfect office [...] More
  • Choosing the perfect office chair

    The ultimate guide to choosing the best office chair

    Are you chair-wise? When it comes to choosing the right office chair you need to make sure you are full of chair-related knowledge.  Chairs are arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture that makes up your office space, so it’s important you know the lingo when it comes to choosing your next office [...] More
  • Green, white and black modern office

    The office chair guide – What’s best for you?

    At Bluespot Furniture, we stock a whole host of office chairs, which are designed to deliver comfort, durability, practicality and best of all, affordability. Ranging from the standard swivel to the large executive leather chair, there’s something for every environment. Small compact chairs are perfect for offices with limited space. Choose from breathable mesh backs [...] More