Commercial Office Desk Advice

  • What size office desk do I need?

    Finding the right desk is about more than the style – you need to ensure the size of your desk suits your space, how you’re using it and the way you work. Whether you’re setting up a new home office, replacing an old desk or putting your company’s workspace together, you want to make sure …

  • Office desk buyer's guide

    Office desk buyer’s guide

    Looking for the right office desk for your workplace but don’t know where to begin? Our guide can help you find a desk that suits you.   Buying an office desk that suits your space, working style and budget can be a difficult task. With so many options available – from style to size, shape [...] More
  • Sit, stand, get moving! Why you need to invest in a standing desk

    Ergonomic office furniture has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, with both employers and employees taking more essential steps towards creating a healthier workplace. An idea that started with ergonomic chairs and keyboards to help with posture and comfort while working has now grown with the modern Scandinavian idea of ergonomic …

  • Office planning - Essential office furniture

    Office planning – Essential office furniture

    What furniture does your office definitely have to have and how do you choose the right styles for your space? When it comes to planning your office, it isn’t just a case of counting up how many people you need to accommodate and ordering some desks. A lot goes into creating a functional, practical and …

  • Office Desk

    Office desk styles

    Find the perfect office desk style for your business or home office setup with Bluespot Furniture When it comes to office furniture, desks are probably one of the most essential items. While the types of storage and meeting room furniture you need will vary from company to company, office desks are a staple - whether [...] More
  • Reception Desk buyer's guide

    Reception desk buyer’s guide

    You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you need to make the right choice when buying a reception desk for your business entrance.   With the reception being the front window to your business you need to make sure the area is attractive, yet functional. A practical design and space planning [...] More
  • Office Desk Style Guide – Which desks would suit your office?

    In the ever-changing office space, it can be hard to know what type of desk will both look good and be practical.  We've put together an Office Desk Style Guide to answer just that. Workplaces are constantly evolving which means offices aren’t just somewhere to get the work done anymore.  Flexible working hours means employees [...] More