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The Definitive Office Refurbishment Checklist

An office refurbishment for your business is very exciting, but when you’re the one in charge of managing the makeover, it can get a little overwhelming.

After all, the refurbishment of your office is likely to be one of the biggest expenses in the history of your business which means it’s important to get it right first time.

When it comes to refurbishing your office the key is planning. The last thing you want when you nearly finish your office refurbishment to realise you’ve forgotten something or somebody doesn't have a place to sit. That’s why we’re here to give you a helping hand at the planning stage.

We’ve put together The Definitive Office Refurbishment Checklist, designed to put you at ease when it comes to managing the refurb. By taking it step by step you can be assured that you’ve taken everything into account and you’ve got everything under control.

☑  1. Why? What reasons does your business have for refurbishing the office?

The first thing you want to think about is ‘why’ are you refurbishing your office.

When you answer that simple question, only then can you start planning what you’re going to do, and only then should you look to discussing your new space plans with your managing director.

So, is the office refurbishment because...

  • You need updated furniture?
  • You've expand the business and need to make more space?
  • Health & safety recommendations?
  • To boost morale & productivity in the team?
  • Improve the brand and image to new clients?

☑  2. Who? Just who needs to be involved?

Throughout the process there are certain people who should be involved when it comes to making the final decisions on a project like this, but just 'who' are they?

Make sure you go to the right people when decisions need to be made, and involve the people who will make the project go smoothly, the main roles in a business will usually be;

Managing Director – You'll need to keep the managing director informed about the office refurbishment as they no doubt want to approve any designs and obviously what the costs are going to be. Although they will want to know everything that is happening during the refurbishment, it's important not to update them on every little detail that may not be essential.

Operations Director – The operations director needs to be aware of when the office refurbishment will be taking place to ensure that there are no interruptions to the business during the process.  They are also important for knowing health and safety or ergonomic requirements, plus they are usually highly skilled to help you make decisions.

Finance – The business' finance department need to set budgets for the refurbishment so you know how much you have to spend and balance the costs.  These person is important to make friends with as you might find yourself at their door asking for further funds if things don't go to plan!

Office Manager – You need to involve the office manager at stages of the refurbishment process because they know what changes are needed, and more importantly they should have a full understanding of the staff teams and the spaces they need.

Marketing –  The marketing department can help when it comes to branding in thew decorating stage of the refurbishment.  They are also important to consult on styles and designs throughout the process, as bringing in brand colours and logos is important to an office makeover.  A welcoming reception and modern office space can also help with bringing in new clients, and the marketing team are the best person to consult to get the most out of this area.

☑  3. Help? Decide if you need an office design & refurbishment company

Do you need 'help' to achieve the look you're after? The biggest expense in your office refurbishment will be the design and actual refurbishment.

Therefore you need to decide if you want to work with an office design and refurbishment company for your makeover or whether you can work together as a business to design and pick your new office furniture.

It's not always at great expense, and in many instances you can actually save money by using external help.  They can run surveys and assessments of your staff and their roles, as you may find better ways of working to get the best out of them.  You could also unlock ergonomic benefits that solves on-going health issues with staff, or encourage shorter quicker meetings by building in break-out areas rather than big boardrooms.

☑   4. What? Find Office Furniture that meets your needs

Just 'what' do you need to buy to finish the job?

Firstly, look at your old office furniture and see if there is anything that you can keep and use in your new office - top tip; storage is usually the area that can be reused or reworked.

If you’ve decided you want to start a fresh with new office furniture then you need to make a plan because a vital part of the refurbishment is the furniture you put in the office.

Before you start thinking about the size, style and colour of your office furniture you need to know all the furniture essentials which you will need to help the business run smoothly:

  • Office desks - for how many? Any special needs? Managers offices?
  • Comfortable chairs? Ergonomic and suitable for 8hrs use?
  • How many storage units? Does everyone need their own space? Is there a stationary or filing area? Think about all types; pedestals, filing cabinets, cupboards, bookcases, and tambour units.
  • Do you need desk privacy screens? Or is it an open-plan office?
  • Are you having breakout areas in the office? Do you need sofas, benches or even beanbags?
  • A welcoming reception desk and seating?
  • Boardroom tables and chairs for the meeting room?
  • Will you have cafeteria or staff room? For how many?

Once you've budgeted for the essential pieces of furniture then you can think about adding extras like breakout furniture to give employees a space to unwind from work on their breaks, or even areas for relaxed meeting space for staff collaboration.

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☑  5. When? next month, or next financial year?

Do you know your deadlines for 'when' you need it finished? Once you know what it is you want to put together for your office refit, you can start to talk to suppliers about fulfilling your needs.

Often a refurb is led by a time of year, and it usually links to the businesses financial year - either spending budget before the end of one year, or having the budget ready in the next fiancial year.  Either way, there are timelines to work to, and sometimes strict deadlines for invoices, so make sure to speak to your finance support about this.

Once you can work out lead-times you can work specific companies that can meet your needs.  If you are sourcing the products yourself, which is more common nowadays, you might be able to find an online company that can have standard products with you the next day.  If items have to be designed or are bespoke you might have to wait a few weeks - make sure to get all information up front before placing the order and build a gantt chart to track progress.

Don't forget you will likely have to remove old furniture, so ensure to allocate time to this before the new items arrive (a late night incentive of beer and pizzas will often get the team together out of hours to complete tasks like this)!

☑  6. Check! Can you accommodate every employee?

The last step before making any commitments should be a final 'check' of your needs.

When it comes to purchasing your furniture you want to make sure you do a quick head count before to ensure you ordered enough office desks for every employees.

The really don't want to get to move in day and you've not ordered enough desks or chairs for everyone. You'll also want to make sure you accommodate to an individual's needs and invest in a piece of furniture.


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