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The definitive office refurbishment checklist

Planning an office refurbishment? Make sure you have every step planned out with this helpful checklist so your refit goes as smoothly as possible.

The definitive office refurbishment checklist

There is a whole host of reasons your business might be considering an office refurbishment. It may be going through a rebrand, expansion, change of direction or your office just looks dated. Whatever the reason, managing an office refurb can be a lot to deal with. 

You have a lot to consider, from the overall design to each individual item of office furniture you need. On top of this, an office refurbishment is likely to be one of the most expensive moves in the history of your business, which means you need to be aware of and stick to a strict budget. 

In order to manage every part of the project properly and ensure you get it right the first time so as to keep costs low, you need a plan. Planning is key to a successful refurbishment and will help you keep track of orders, your budget and the hundred other things that you’ll likely have to deal with. 

To help you put together your plan and ensure you’re ready for anything, we’ve put together the definitive office refurbishment checklist. You can follow the list step-by-step to make sure you have everything under control and that each item on your list goes nice and smoothly.

☑  1. Why is your business refurbishing the office?

The first part of any plan is understanding why you are making that plan. What is the business’ reason for refurbishing the office? 

Knowing the answer to this will ensure you understand what needs to happen to the space, existing furniture and equipment and who needs to be involved. 

Is the office refurbishment happening because:

  • The furniture needs to be updated/replaced?
  • The business is expanding and more space is needed?
  • The business is going through a rebrand or direction change?
  • Staff morale or productivity needs boosting?
  • Health and safety recommendations have been made?

Answering this question will enable you to see exactly what needs to be changed, give you an idea of timeframe and allow you to start planning out the new office. 

☑ 2. Who needs to be involved?

There are always going to various people involved in an office refurbishment and who they are may change depending on the reason for the refurb. 

You also need to identify who has the final say and needs to give sign off on everything so you can make sure the right people are being approached and that the project runs smoothly at all times. 

More often than not, the following people will need to be involved, but you’ll need to confirm whether this is the case with your business:

Managing Director

Your managing director will be the one to approve the office designs, as well as all the spending, so you’ll want to make sure they’re kept informed. However, this doesn’t mean they need to be included in every email - unless they ask to be - or updated on every little thing. Stick to weekly updates where possible and ensure you let them know what dates their sign off is needed by. 

Operations Director

The operations director will need to know when the refurbishment is going to be happening so they can ensure the business continues to run smoothly throughout that time. On top of this, they are usually on top of all the health and safety regulations you need to be aware of so they will be a good person to check things with.


You can’t really plan an office refit if finance isn’t involved as they will be in charge of the purse strings and the budget. They’ll be able to help you with budgeting and keeping costs down. It’s a good idea to keep them on your side as you might find you need to ask them some favours if the project manages to go over budget.

Office Manager

The office manager is going to need to know what changes have to be made and how teams might be impacted. They also tend to have a good understanding of which teams and departments need what in terms of equipment and space, so it is a good idea to have a chat with them.


If you’re undertaking an office refurbishment as part of a rebrand, it’s definitely a good idea to discuss the office decoration with the marketing department. You want your office to be representative of the brand and who will understand that more than marketing? You should be sure to consult marketing on colours, style, logos etc to ensure everything is spot on.

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☑  3. Do you need an office refurbishment company?

Are you going to manage the office refurbishment in-house or do you need some extra help? Depending on the size of your office space and just how big the project is going to be, you may want to consider whether enlisting the help of an office refurbishment company might be a good idea. 

While hiring a company will take up some of your budget, it could make the whole project easier and you could find that it isn’t as big an expense as you thought it would be. Office refurbishment companies will help you find out exactly what each team needs from the office space while also making recommendations based on health, ergonomics and experience. 

If you aren’t sure about this option, it may be a good idea to have a short consultation to find out exactly what a company can offer, how much it is likely to cost and what the timeframe would be. You could find that getting a company in to help means you end up wit really helpful additions to your office that you wouldn’t have thought of, so getting to grips with your options is a great idea.

☑   4. What office furniture meets your needs?

The office furniture you choose is likely to be the biggest part of your office refurbishment, which is why you want to make sure you get the decisions right the first time. 

To start with, consider whether you are keeping any of the existing furniture or if it is all getting replaced. More often than not, you can save money by reusing existing storage solutions, as you can utilise it in different ways. If you do keep some furniture, make sure you also consider whether you need some more units or what you can use to tie the old items in with the new. 

If you’re getting rid of furniture, you’ll have to decide exactly what you’re going to do with it. Are you recycling it, disposing of it or selling it on? Whichever option you go for, you’ll need to add furniture removal to your schedule so you have a clear office when you need it. 

Once you know what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of, it’s time to work out what office furniture you need. This doesn’t mean looking at the colours and styles available - that comes later - you need to know what items are essential to your business to ensure it runs smoothly. 

  • Office desks: How many? How will they be set up? Are there any special needs or requirements to consider? Do managers need different desks?
  • Office chairs: How many do you need? Should they be ergonomic? Are the chairs comfortable and supportive enough for a full workday?
  • Storage units: How many do you need? What types should be provided? Does everyone need an individual storage unit? Should you provide secure personal storage? Is there a stationery or filing area? What equipment needs to be stored?
  • Privacy screens: Do you need these for every desk? Is it an open-plan office?
  • Breakout areas: Are you going to create a breakout area? What kind of seating do you need for it?
  • Meeting rooms: Do you need meeting or conference rooms? What kind of furniture will these need? Should meeting tables be permanent? How many people will need to use a meeting room at any one time?
  • Reception area: Do you need a reception or welcome area? Should there be a reception desk? What kind of seating does the area need?
  • Cafeteria or staff room: Are you providing a cafeteria or staff room? What kind of kitchen equipment will be provided? Do you need tables and chairs? How many people will be using it?

You need to answer each of these questions in order to inform your budget. Start by budgeting for the essential items - such as desks, chairs and storage - and then look at the budget for your breakout areas and staff rooms. You should always start with looking at what these areas need and then you can consider what would be nice to have if you have any budget left over.

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☑  5. When does the refit need to be finished?

When does the refit need to happen by? Is it a quick turnaround or are you looking at the next financial year? 

Knowing what your deadline is is important as you can’t really start talking to suppliers until you know when everything has to be ready to go. There’s little point in ordering all your office furniture if the refurbishment can’t happen for six months. 

Make sure you know what timelines you’re working to and what the invoice deadlines are, which means talking to the finance department.

Your needs in terms of office furniture can also impact your lead times. If you’re happy to order items as they come, you may be able to get them delivered the next day or arrange fast delivery. However, if you require bespoke items - or a mixture of bespoke and standard - you may need to wait a few weeks. It is a good idea to get all of this information up-front before placing your orders so you can keep track of everything. A gant chart is a useful tool for ensuring you know when each stage is happening.

Don’t forget to also factor in getting rid of old furniture and any decorating that needs to occur before your furniture can be moved in. It may be the case that the office needs to close for a few days, in which case you need to make arrangements with the office manager, or you might be able to arrange the work to take place over a weekend. 

☑  6. Is every employee accommodated for?

Before you finalise your orders, you need to ensure that every single member of staff has the furniture and equipment they need - including anyone starting in the next couple of months. You don’t want to get to move-in day only to find that there aren’t enough desks or you’re missing a chair!

Do a final headcount and check what the staff levels will be over the next two months just to make sure all your numbers add up. If every staff member is getting the same setup, you then want to double-check that you have the same number of every item arriving. 

On top of this, you also need to ensure that any special requirements have been met. If someone has different needs due to their health, this needs to be factored in and could mean they have furniture that differs from everyone else’s to accommodate this. 

It’s a good idea too have furniture lists ready for the delivery day so you can count off every item delivered and ensure that nothing is missing before you start to put the office together. 

Now you should be ready to go with your office refit!

Office refurbishments with Bluespot Furniture

When it comes to office refurbishments, we have a few options available to help make life as easy as possible for you. 

We have a huge range of desks, office storage, ergonomic chairs, meeting tables and more; all of which are available in a mix of colours, finishes and styles. This means that you can easily get all the furniture you need for your refit in one place. 

Even better, we accommodate your needs in terms of delivery. Need your order fast? The vast majority of our office furniture is available for Next Day Delivery when ordered before 1pm, Monday to Friday. You can also choose the delivery date that best suits you at the checkout or talk to our helpful customer service team to find the best option. 

If you want to make it even easier to set up your new office furniture, you can make the most of ou Delivery and Installation service. Spend over £1000 and you can select this option, which will see us deliver and install your furniture, as well as take away all the rubbish so you’ll be good to go in no time.

On top of great choice and fast delivery, we’re proud to provide you with amazing quality. We manufacture all our furniture in the UK, with every item being ICO-certified. Our wooden furniture is made using FSC-certified wood and it all comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you know it’s made to last. When it comes to our chairs, these are also produced using the latest techniques and come with a 5-year guarantee. 

If you have any questions about our office furniture or how we can make your office refurb go smoothly, contact our experienced customer service team via email at, phone on 0800 8044 760 or start a live chat. 

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