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  • Kaleidoscope Office Furniture Lookbook

    Our bright, bold office furniture colour range, with matching desking and storage options.   The Kaleidoscope range features 6 vibrant colours. All of these colours have been chosen to create a complementary palette so that you can build a colourful office space using any combination of finishes from the range. Create a fun and bright [...] More
  • Office desk buyer's guide

    Office desk buyer’s guide

    Looking for the right office desk for your workplace but don’t know where to begin? Our guide can help you find a desk that suits you.   Buying an office desk that suits your space, working style and budget can be a difficult task. With so many options available – from style to size, shape [...] More
  • Sit, stand, get moving! Why you need to invest in a standing desk

    Ergonomic office furniture has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, with both employers and employees taking more essential steps towards creating a healthier workplace. An idea that started with ergonomic chairs and keyboards to help with posture and comfort while working has now grown with the modern Scandinavian idea of ergonomic …

  • Office planning - Essential office furniture

    Office planning – Essential office furniture

    What furniture does your office definitely have to have and how do you choose the right styles for your space? When it comes to planning your office, it isn’t just a case of counting up how many people you need to accommodate and ordering some desks. A lot goes into creating a functional, practical and …

  • Office scene with desk, chair and storage.

    Our advice for buying office furniture online

    Whether you need furniture to kit out your office for the first time or you’re looking for a way to revamp your workspace, your first port of call is probably going to be an online search. Rather than heading to a store or showroom, buying office furniture online is convenient and offers a lot of [...] More
  • Children’s desks – the whens, whats and where froms

    Desks aren't only for adults. They can provide benefits for toddlers right up to teenagers. So what do you need to know about children's desks? You might not necessarily think that desks and children go together but adding a desk to a child’s bedroom or setting one up for them in the lounge can make [...] More
  • Office Desk

    How to maximise a small office layout

    Create an office to suit all your needs with our ultimate guide to small office design... With space often being at a premium in both homes and businesses, it’s essential to ensure an office suits your needs even if you don’t have much room. Having an effective and efficient workspace has been shown to provide [...] More
  • How clean is your chair?

    How clean is your chair?

    For many of us, we spend our workdays sitting on the same office chair eight hours a day, five days a week. But how often is it that we consider the cleanliness of where we are sitting? In comparison to your office desk where it is easy to see if your workspace is untidy and …

  • Office Chair

    How to choose a comfortable office chair

    Are you sitting comfortably? Not having the right desk chair can cause a lot of issues, so choosing a comfortable office chair is important. If you’re regularly leaving your desk at the end of the day with more and more aches and pains or if you’re simply looking for a chair to kit out your …

  • Home Office

    Home office planning: The essential guide

    There's a lot more to home office planning than simply buying a desk. Everything about your space - from the layout to your chair - needs to work for you. Working from home is becoming the new normal for a lot of people and with increased workplace flexibility, it is likely to be a standard [...] More