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How to maximize your office space, the affordable & efficient way

Growing businesses come with growing pains and there's one that's top of most business owners lists and that's moving premises because it can be the most disruptive and costly time in a businesses life cycle that can cause service disruptions and even worse, sub-standard work leading to negative word of mouth and leaving a companies reputation in tatters.

Minimise disruption and cost by thinking twice before considering a move to large office premises. Perhaps the move can be put off, simply by making better use of your office layout and the means of storing equipment and paperwork. Here are our top 5 tips you may wish to action or at least think about before the dreaded office move.

1. De-clutter


Do you really need all that paperwork? Come on, we all do it from time to time. You clear your desk in a mad rush to leave for home, but the method of "clearing" is simply pushing paper from the tabletop to your desk drawers. Unless it's HMRC or business-critical information, perhaps you really don't need it? Or, at the very least, all that paperwork you're storing, why not just make online backups and store online? Much more efficient, more organised and much safer than rammed into your office drawer. Have a Google and find your perfect cloud storage partner.

2. Stack it high

If you do insist on keeping hard copies of documents, or you need to due to being legal documents such as prior tax returns for the past few years that you need to keep physical copies of, a great way of storing such items is by storing in high-rise storage devices, such as cupboards. This is great because you're making use of office space that wouldn't have been utilised by anything else - unless of course, you have low flying quadcopters in the office?!

We have a range of tall office storage units to choose from, which are ideal for helping you stack up your office space.


Storage Cupboards | Tambour Units

3. Make use of dead zones

Before making use of tall storage units, which, while making use of office space higher up that would be unused anyway, we call the space under peoples desks a 'dead space'. This is due to it being an area occupied by a desk (tabletop above), but doesn't store anything underneath, other than perhaps a computer base unit and your legs!

Our office pedestals are ideal for under desk storage by making use of an area that would not have been used for anything else anyway.


View all office pedestals here

4. Office extensions

Once you've squeezed the living out of current office space (remember to take a look at our office planning guide to make sure you don't fall into any black holes), do you have space outside, either to the side or above of your current business location to build an extension, perhaps?

5. Flexible working hours

Ultimately, this is a bad idea for most office-based workers, but you may want to consider creating flexible working hours, perhaps even a day and night shift working pattern. Or, at the very least, have an earlier and a later shift and perhaps, if feasible, create a working at home rota.


Ready to take the next step? We have an office furniture range of several thousand products, as well as a large selection of affordable and very helpful office storage systems, from cupboards, pedestals, tambour units and storage walls. View all our office storage units here.

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