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Office desk style guide

In the ever-changing office space, it can be hard to know what type of desk will both look good and be practical.  We've put together an Office Desk Style Guide to answer just that.

Workplaces are constantly evolving which means offices aren’t just somewhere to get the work done anymore.  Flexible working hours means employees are no longer tied to their office desk. Most can do their jobs remotely, from across the building or the world this has led to the office environment changing massively over time as trends and technology develops.

The humble office is evolving every day with the introduction of flexible working practices and new technology taking over it’s clear to see why. However, one thing that will never change is that every office needs furniture. Without any office furniture, your business wouldn’t function.

Years ago businesses would fill their workspace with whatever office desks and storage units their local furniture dealer suggested, but now having an office that reflects your brand with distinct design is just as important as it's actual use. Your office design influences what office desks, storage and chairs you need to buy:

Traditional Office Design

In traditional office design, most business owners opt for choosing woodgrain office furniture that provides a comfortable and productive atmosphere.  A walnut office, for example, can add a level of class and tradition to your space, with desks and storage all matching.

The layout of the furniture depends on its size. Select the size of furniture that fits the size of the room - it shouldn't be too small or too big to ensure you cater to your employee's needs.

The style of office desks that would suit a traditional design are wood finished panel end and silver metal cantilever legs which are the world's most popular desk leg styles.  Desks in this type of office are usually individual or in clusters of 4 with large corner spaces.

Modern Office Design

Transforming an office to give it a more modern feel immediately improves its appearance to visitors.

A modern office design is not only appreciated by employees, but it gives off a good impression to clients that your company is up to date on trends and constantly innovating.

The style of office desks that would suit a modern office design is a bench desk the goal post legs gives the office a contemporary makeup, and you usually find a lot of white furniture with touches of colour.  We often recommend using either a strong brand colour, or a subtle colour that compliments the room.

 Open Plan Office Design

Image from Hitachi Consulting Offices

Flexible working practices have increased the popularity of an open plan office where employees often hot desk or work in wi-fi enabled social spaces within the building.

A benefit of having an open plan office is it encourage employees to collaborate as they don't feel restricted by walls or desks.

If you're going for an open plan office design then you will need office desks that can sit next to each other neatly to ensure you can fit in enough desks.

The style of office desks which suit an open plan office design are cantilever, A frame and bench leg desks. Often desks in his type of environment are found in clusters of 3 or 4, or alternatively they are in long rows or benches.

 Office Style Tip from Abdul Jobbar at IQ Furniture

'If you have a large budget and would like a bright and minimalistic office, then a glass desk is a wise chouce. Glass reflects light, which instantly makes rooms look bigger than they are. Not everyone is able to stretch their budigets to afford a glass desk, but there are other options. Opting for brightly coloured desks and storage is a cheaper way to brighten up the work space.'


Office Desks from Bluespot Furniture

Come to Bluespot Furniture and you’ll find thousands of office desks available in different sizes, shapes and styles to suit your office design. With the choice of up to 16 colour options with prices starting from only £94.

All of our office desks are made in our own UK factory and manufactured to the highest standards. We hold FSC and ISO certificates – which is why we offer a 10 year guarantee on our desks.

If you need any advice or further information on any of our products or services, call a friendly member of our experienced sales team on 0800 8044 760, or email today.

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