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Office desk styles

Find the perfect office desk style for your business or home office setup with Bluespot Furniture

When it comes to office furniture, desks are probably one of the most essential items. While the types of storage and meeting room furniture you need will vary from company to company, office desks are a staple - whether you’re a business or are setting up a home office.

However, not all office desks are the same, just as not all desk requirements are the same. This is why at Bluespot Furniture we have a wide range of desks available. All available to buy online, our range of desks is designed to try and suit every need. This is why we have different shapes, sizes, features and finishes to choose from; allowing you to find the ideal desk to suit your requirements.

Affordability meets quality

We can’t claim to be the cheapest office desk supplier out there and there’s a good reason for this. We are all about quality. Our standards are higher than our industry competitors and we pride ourselves on our high-quality desks and office furniture.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t affordable though. We believe in producing quality desks at fair prices without cutting corners, so you get the best office furniture that will stand the test of time.

When you buy a desk from us you can be sure of the following factors:

  • All of our desks are independently tested and surpass manufacturing standards (ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9001:2008) for load testing and overall durability of office furniture.

  • Every single one of our desks comes with a 10-year guarantee because we are so sure of their quality.
  • All of our office desks are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Products made with wood and paper from FSC forests are marked with our ‘tick tree’ logo. When you see this logo, you can be confident that buying it won’t mean harming the world’s forests.

  • Our desks are made in the UK using the latest technology to achieve high-grade finishes and high quality of workmanship every single time.

Office desks for business use

Whether you’re a large business that wants to create multiple banks or desks or a small company with finite space, we have a great selection of office desks that will suit your needs and budget.

All of our desks come with Free Standard Delivery, so you can be ready to set your office up in as little as seven days. If you need your order sooner, we also have a Next Day Delivery option that means you can have your desks delivered the next working day when you place your order by 1pm.

For those setting up complete offices with a large number of desks or multiple items of office furniture, our Delivery and Installation option is available on orders over £1,000. This option means we will deliver and set up our furniture, as well as remove all the rubbish.

So what styles of desks could be suitable for your business?

Rectangular desks

There are a few reasons rectangular desks are our most popular style - they are incredibly versatile, they suit most needs and they tend to be lower cost. For businesses, they are a good option as they enable you to set out your office in a variety of ways. You can create rows and banks of desks, as well as easily create back-to-back setups.

Our Carbon Rectangular Panel End Desk is a popular choice as it is a simple but stylish desk featuring a black finish, full panel legs and partial panel at the back. The cable management ports mean it can be used individually or as part of a larger office setup.

Desks with drawers

It isn’t just desks that are important, storage is also a vital part of any business office. Personal storage helps keep paperwork and equipment close to hand, as well as helping to ensure desks are kept neater. This is why desks with drawers are a great option for businesses.

We have a large range of desks that come with pre-built attached pedestal units, limiting the amount of assembly required and providing hardwearing storage. You can still set them out as you would other desks as the storage makes us of the space underneath the desk.

As well as coming in a variety of desk styles, our desks with drawers are also available across our range of finishes, so you can match the drawer front colours to your company branding or personal taste.

Corner desks

Corner desks are ideal if you want to make the most of the space you have by setting up some corner workstations or if you need to provide teams with more workspace. You can easily set up banks of two of four corner desks, creating hubs in your office that benefit communication and provide larger workspaces.

Our corner desks come in various styles, from cantilever leg to panel desks, as well as different finishes.

Wave desks

If your team need a bit more space to work but corner desks aren’t quite the right fit for your office, wave desks could be a good alternative. Ideal for providing a larger workspace, wave desks have a shaped desk top. This makes them ideal if you need room for a computer tower, multiple screens or desk-top storage.

You can still set these desks up in the same ways as you would rectangular desks, so there are plenty of layout options. They also come in different finishes so you have the option of a classic woodgrain colour of the stylish white finish of our Valoir Deluxe Cantilever Wave Desk.

Back to back desks

If you know straight off the bat that you need to layout desks back-to-back, this style is the perfect choice. You essentially get at least two desks in one, rather than having to put two individual desks together.

Our back-to-back desks make it easy to set your office up whether you only need two desks or have to fit in 20. They come in a range of styles and can either be open or come with screens to help separate the different workspaces.

You can also get larger back-to-back desks for bigger offices, with options like our Urban R8 Lite A-Frame Leg Back to Back Desk providing workspaces for eight people.

Adjustable height desks

We’ve all heard that sitting all day is damaging for your health, so if you want to encourage your team to get up more often, our adjustable height desks could be perfect.

The individual desks feature a quiet push-button electric control that can take them from a desk used while sitting to a standing desk in no time at all. Enabling workers to change their position throughout the day can improve comfort, health and productivity, which can create a more engaged workforce.

Office desks for home use

Working from home is becoming the new normal for many people. Whether your company offers flexibility, you’re a freelancer or you run your own business, a home office can make working a lot easier - as well as help you separate home from work.

It doesn’t matter if you have an office set up in a dedicated room or you need to work in a space that doubles up as a lounge, having a suitable desk can make all the difference, which is why we offer options that are ideal for home use too.

All of the office desks for business use are suitable for your home, it just depends on your needs, available space and budget. However, we have also designed a range of desks specifically with home offices in mind.

Home Work Home Office Furniture

Home Work Desks

Our range of Home Work desks is space-saving, making them perfectly suited to smaller home offices, teenagers’ study areas or as children’s homework spaces.

All of the desks in the range are more compact than your average office desk, with a depth of 600mm rather than 800mm. They also come in a variety of widths, so you can find the perfect size of desks for you. This means they can fit in more places without impacting your space.

On top of this, our Home Work desk range comes with different in-built storage options, so you can easily store everything you need when working from home in one designated area. Choose from under-desk drawers, shelves and cupboards, as well as over-head shelf and cupboard options in a variety of colours.

As with all of our business-use desks, the Home Work range comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you can be sure that your home office is high quality.

Office desks for every need

With so many options in terms of style, size and finish, we’re positive that we have a desk for every need - as well as the best options for complementary office storage.

However, we know that finding the right desk, as well as the best delivery option for you, may not be the easiest thing. This is why our helpful customer service team is on-hand to help with any questions you might have.

To find out more about our office desks or any other office furniture, contact our customer service team on 0800 8044 760, email them at or start a live chat now.

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