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Office Planning – Essential Office Furniture

In previous articles, we've looked at areas of office planing to do with the psychology of a good office layout and the positive or negative impacts with certain seating plans, as well as looking at some of the best apps out there that help you plan for a new layout.

Now we take a look at stripping back to the bare essentials when it comes to office furniture and what you need to get up and running.

1. Space

Other than budget, your office space is the ultimate factor in exactly how 'bare essentials' you need to go with your office furniture. And of course, apply some common sense when it comes to HSE regulations;

"In a typical room, where the ceiling is 2.4m high, a floor area of 4.6m2 (for example 2.0 x 2.3m) will be needed to provide a space of 11 cubic metres. Where the ceiling is 3.0m high or higher the minimum floor area will be 3.7m2 (for example 2.0 x 1.85m). (These floor areas are only for illustrative purposes and are approximate)." - Ref.

While the above is the minimal space you should be giving members of staff, remember that happy staff are productive staff.

2. Desking

The procurement of office furniture is typically the most expensive office purchase for most businesses, so when you do purchase your furniture you want to be sure that you're buying a quality product that's going to last a lifetime.


If you're a start-up business, the cost of desks when purchased on mass can look quite daunting on your profit & loss spreadsheet, but when you buy quality office furniture, remember it will last you a decade or more, so remember to work in depreciation of the equipment over an extended period of time.

That's why, when you purchase office desks from us, you can be sure that each item comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee - minimise your risk by purchasing affordable office desks, without compromise to build quality standards. View all our office desks here.

3. Seating

It's a fact of life, if you have an office based job, the amount of time you spend sitting around for extended periods is going to be, more often than not, much longer than counterparts in other non-office based jobs. So, when it comes to seating, remember to buy office chairs that meet the requirements of your staff. No - not all seating meets all needs. Take a look at our office seating guide for further reading.

4. Storage


While seating and desking is essential for staff to perform their every day duties, thus, making your business money, office storage doesn't typically have such a direct impact. Because of this, it's important to minimise the disruption that storage has in the office when it comes to space, by perhaps virtualising archieved documentation, for example. However, when physical storage space is required, take a look at our full next day office storage solutions here.

Don't leave it until the last minute... oh wait, yes you can!


It's a Friday morning and you've just realised you have new starters in your business on Monday, but now panic has set in as the realisation of no desk space available. That's no problem when it comes to buying from us - leave it as late as 1pm on a Friday to order and we can still get everything you need out to you for next day delivery (for free). All that's left to do is then easily assemble all your desks over the weekend.

Start shopping our full next day office furniture collections, here.

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