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Office storage buyer’s guide

Finding the right storage solution is essential for having a smooth running office, but it can be hard to know what storage is right for your office.

Office storage is often the last piece of the jigsaw in the process of buying office furniture, but there are so many different solutions on the market to consider. It can be a challenge knowing where to begin when it comes to finding the right items when they range greatly in terms of; type, practicality, size, quality and price.

Although a reception area might seem like less essential than the rest of the office, it is a must and should be high priority if you want to be recognisable and stand out from your competitors.

Learn everything you need to know about choosing the perfect storage solution with our expert office storage buying guide below….

Office storage overview

Become an office storage guru

Before you start shopping, it’s important to know a little bit more about the different types of storage available:

filing cabinet - office storage

Filing cabinets

Office filing cabinets are often the ‘go-to’ storage solution for most workplace environments. We agree, they are a useful space for storing files in an office, however, when it comes to finding the right filing cabinet for your office there are a few different types you need to consider.

Firstly the sizes of files they can store, either A4 or Foolscap are standard files in UK offices. Some filing cabinets carrying documents in hanging suspensions files have space for one or both, so it’s important to check before making your purchase. You can usually find filing cabinets ranging in size from two drawers through to tall four drawers – make sure they have anti-tilt mechanisms in=-built for added safety.

Side filing cabinets are similar to standard filing cabinets, but are much wider and can usually take multiple types of file sizes. These cabinets are often bought when floor space is less limited as they are wider than a standard filing cabinet, but with greater capacity.

Filing cabinets have lockable metal drawers and often available in either steel finishes or in woodgrains to compliment desk ranges.

Office pedestals

Office pedestals are a stylish storage option for the office and usually found in a range of sizes. Often coming in numerous different styles and colours with two or three-drawer options so you’ll find one to suit your office in no time. They can be found in steel finishes or numerous woodgrain materials.

One key thing to note when purchasing office pedestals is to the depth. Most stockists will offer depths to match their desks depths and heights, so check yours match if you plan on sitting them next to desks.


Storage pedestal - office furniture
Under desk office storage

Under desk storage

When it comes to under desk storage people often go for an under desk pedestal. Under desk pedestal drawers are a great way to gain extra space for filing and general storage and will fit neatly under most office desks.

These pedestal units are often referred to as ‘mobile’ or ‘low’ drawers and often come with two or three drawer options and as they are so versatile they are usually available in a range of materials and colours.

Tambour cupboards

Tambour storage units are a popular office product as they can combine style and with space-saving. Instead of large doors opening when space is at a premium, a side sliding tambour door can be a much better solution. They can be found in numerous colours and are usually fully lockable for security.

At Bluespot Furniture our tambour units are available in small (H730mm desk height) or tall (H1900mm) with a sliding door that can match any of the colours in our storage ranges.


Credenza storage

Credenza storage units are often larger storage units or sideboards. In the office, they are ideal for space-saving as they usually offer sliding doors for easy access. They are can found in full woodgrain finishes, but can also be a display unit when glass doors are used.

This style of office furniture has seen a decline since tambour doors arrived and cupboards became available in multiple sizes, but with their robust design and their two lockable sliding doors for security, these cupboards still have a place in the office.


The main style of open storage used in the office, bookcases are a great way of mixing storage with a display. Whether its racks of A4 filers or a shelf for reference books, bookcases offer practical and affordable storage for the workplace.

Many stockists will have numerous sizes of bookcases, often with many adjustments for shelf layouts. At Bluespot Furniture, we have 2 key sizes, small (730mm desk height) or tall (1900mm).


Storage cupboards

Storage cupboards are popular in offices wanting to make the most out of vertical space. Two-door cupboards are ideal for keeping things tidy, organised and out of sight, making them an office essential for most workspaces.

Storage cupboards are available in numerous sizes; from the small (desk height) up to much taller 1.9m options – with everything in between. Here at Bluespot Furniture, we stock two key sizes to make the decisions easier. Due to the versatility of the material used for cupboards they are often available in multiple colour choices.

Working practices

What to consider when choosing your storage

The type of office storage that is right for your business depends a lot on the industry you work in and the working practices of your employees. Here are a few things you may need to consider:

Size of storage units

Different jobs require different sized storage solutions. Those who work in administration and paper-heavy jobs need larger storage units because they will have lots of files and paperwork that need filing away. Whilst those who work on computers and strive towards a ‘paperless office’ will need much less storage.

When planning your office layout it is better if you slightly overestimate the amount of space your employees need – this will help to provide for additional flexibility and capacity for if things changes. A lot of paperwork comes through an office on a daily basis, so it’s worth spending some time assessing just how much storage you need for the different types of materials.

Available space

The size and layout of your office will have a big impact on the type of office storage solutions that are right for your business.

It is about striking the right balance. You need to ensure everyone has enough desk and storage space to work effectively, whilst minimising wasted space. Mobile pedestals really can be useful as they fit neatly under the desks.

Measuring the available space in your office will help you decide how much space you can allocate to storage. Also taking into account where larger office furniture such as desks and chairs are located, and then the amount of space people will need to move around the office freely without bumping into furniture. Take into consideration how much space will be needed to open drawers and doors of your desired storage solutions – think about side opening tambour storage for tight spaces.

The feel of your business

Office furniture has a big impact on the overall working environment and you can use them to define the feel of your business.

The design of the storage furniture will help you create a certain image to people. For traditional, professional businesses with multiple departments having coordinated storage units will help to define each room; using traditional colours like beech and walnut for example.

Whereas, in more contemporary offices (creative companies) and open plan offices, then large storage units can be used more freely and you can think more about bright colours to make a brand statement. A large number of employees working in the same area will generate plenty of paperwork so having a large storage solution will help when promoting collaborative working practices.

Hot desking has become more popular in big cities and local councils, so thinking about personal storage can be hard – mobile pedestals can be easily moved around when people aren’t sat at their usual desks.

Brand, style and aesthetics

Reflect your brand in your office

Your office furniture is a direct reflection on your business. When choosing office storage, it’s important to pick designs and colours that not only match your furniture, but also suits your business in terms of colour, style and brand. With modern finishes, styles and materials available for furniture and accessories in an office, it’s easier than ever to make a first impression to visitors and improve employee satisfaction.

Materials and styles

Office storage solutions are available in a selection of different materials, finishes, and styles to suit your type of business. These include high-end solid wood finishes, through to the more cost-effective MFC printed/coloured wood tones, contemporary whites or even vibrant statement colours.

Styles of furniture often relates to the colours and materials used, so brighter furniture is often classed as contemporary in its style, but solid wood finishes would be classed as much more traditional in their style.

Colour and finish

It’s important to choose furniture that fits in with your brand. Adding bright colours into your office can provide a significant boost to workplace harmony and productivity, whilst re-affirming your brand's colours and style.

Choosing colours that can reflect what your company does is a unique way to impress potential clients. For example, a creative design company may want to go for an industrial office look as it is a different way to reflect their brand.

At Bluespot, our HD Colour Storage range features high quality, affordable storage units, finished in a range of vibrant colour to suit your business. Our URBAN Storage range offers unique industrial looking colours to add a new level of style to your business.

Important details

Practical thoughts for your office future

Changing needs

An important factor when buying your office furniture is taking into consideration that your storage needs may change in the future. Therefore when buying your office storage solutions you need to think about your long-term plans.

As your business grows and you employ more staff members, you’ll need more storage to file a large amount of paperwork. Planning for future business expansion when you buy your office furniture can help to reduce costs in the future. Likewise, hot desking can encourage more collaborative spaces instead of rows of desks, so storage needs may change to reflect that.

Budget, price and value

Keeping a keen eye on costs is essential for any business, especially start-ups.

You should allocate a budget to office furniture, and within that a specific total for storage before you begin to spend –it really is important to think in terms of a storage solutions value the same as desk space. Think about the use of storage solutions and how it will help improve the organisation of your office.

Quality office storage from Bluespot Furniture

Prices for office storage varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For high-quality office storage units from Bluespot Furniture, you can expect to pay from around £100 to £500+ depending on the specification and features of the range you choose.

With thousands of different office storage solutions available in an unrivalled range of sizes, styles, colours and finishes you’re sure to find something that suits your business at Bluespot Furniture.

For further information on any of our products or services, call a friendly member of our experienced sales team on 0800 8044 760, or email today.