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Understanding office furniture measurements

What is the width, depth and height of your office furniture? Make sure you're ordering the right sizes for your space by understanding office furniture measurements using our guide.

Understanding office furniture measurements doesn’t need to be as difficult as it might appear to be at first. Once you get to grips with exactly what the various measurements mean, it’s easy for you to find the right-sized furniture for your needs and space. 

In order to help you fully understand exactly what each measurement means when we’re talking about height, width and depth, we’ve created this helpful guide. This should help you navigate the furniture on our site and ensure you are able to find products in the sizes you require. 

It’s worth noting that while we do follow industry standards when it comes to office furniture measurements, there is no guarantee that other companies use the same form of measurements. This means that you may need to confirm measurements when looking on other furniture websites - after all, it’s always better to be safe.


Understanding office furniture measurements

What does width, height and depth mean?

One of the biggest issues people have with measuring office furniture is getting the width, height and depth mixed up. As a standard, when facing an item of furniture - such as an office desk - head-on as though you are going to use it, these measurements mean:

  • Width (W): The measurement of the product from left to right.
  • Height (H): The measurement from the top of the product to the floor (if it is free-standing) or to the bottom of the product.
  • Depth (D): The measurement of the product from front to back.

So what do these measurements mean in terms of some of the most common types of office furniture?

What is the width, height and depth of an office desk?

There are three measurements you need to check when it comes to office desks - width, height and depth. Some of these come with options on our site and others are a standard measurement.


We list all of the office desks on our site by width. This is because this tends to be the largest measurement and it is the one that we offer variations on - meaning that when you see size options for a desk available from Bluespot Furniture, they are always for the width. 

For example, some of our desks are available in widths of 1200mm and 1600mm, allowing you to find a desk in the size you need. 


Most standard office desks are between 712mm and 762mm, providing suitable desks for those between 5ft and 6ft and using a regular task chair at their desk. All of our desks are in the middle of these measurements at 730mm high, which is a comfortable height for most people.

This height is largely regarded as a ‘standard’ height for desks and is used by many UK manufacturers. When we state that office storage items like cupboards, storage units or filing cabinets are ‘desk high’, this means they match this measurement so can be put next to one of our desks to extend your workspace. 


In terms of the depth of our desks, the majority have a depth of 800mm. Again, this is viewed as being the standard option for much of the office furniture industry. This means that if you choose a desk with a standard depth and opt for a width of 800mm, your desk will be square rather than rectangular.

We also have some narrower desks available - such as those in our Home Work range - which have a depth of 600mm. These are ideal for more compact spaces.

What are the minimum desk dimensions?

While the height, width and depth of your desk are the starting points when considering what desk you need, they are not the only important measurements. When planning the layout of your company or home office, you need to consider some other important desk dimensions.

These are the minimum dimensions you should have within your office space to ensure you can use your desk comfortably:


  • Minimum width: 610mm (61cm) per person
  • Minimum depth clearance at knee level: 456mm (45.6cm)
  • Minimum depth clearance at foot level: 610mm (61cm)
  • Minimum height clearance at foot level: 102mm (10.2cm)


  • Minimum width: 508mm (50.8cm)
  • Minimum depth: This depends on what you want to put on the desk

What is the width, height and depth of an office storage unit?

Unlike desks, there is no real standard size when it comes to office storage furniture. Whether you are looking for a filing cabinet, cupboard, pedestal or other kind of storage, you’ll find that there are different sizes available. 

The various size options are not only available so you can fit office storage into different spaces, in some cases, they allow you to store items in different ways. For example, we have filing cabinets available in two different widths to allow for two different types of files. 

However, there are some key phrases that you’ll see on our site that can help you determine the size of the office storage items we offer:

  • Low/under-desk: This means the storage unit can comfortably fit under one of our desks (so long as there is enough foot room allowed by desk width)
  • Desk-high: These storage units are exactly the same height as our desks (730mm) so they can be used to extend your desk space. 
  • Mid-height: Used to describe cupboards and bookcases, mid-height means they are 1600mm high.
  • Tall: This is used to describe cupboards and bookcases that are 1900mm high.

Help with office furniture measurements

If you still aren’t sure about any aspect of office furniture measurements or you need advice on the best options to suit your needs and space, we’re on-hand to help. 

Our expert customer service team can answer any questions or issues you might have so you can make the right choice when it comes to your office furniture. Give them a call on 0800 8044 760, drop them an email at or start a live chat.

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