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Understanding Office Furniture Measurements – What is the Width, Depth & Height?

Understanding office furniture measurements doesn't have to be complicated. And, like everything, once you know how - it's easy!

We've created this simple guide to help you get a better understanding of what is meant by the Height, Depth and Width of a product listed on our website.

Please use the below information when looking at our products only. While we do follow the industry standards, it doesn't mean you can compare like for like measurements with any competitors website.

What's the width, depth and height of an office desk:

Primarily we list all our desks by Width - as this is the largest measurement for a desk and is generally one that we offer choices of Size on product pages.  For example, some of the desk sizes available are 1200mm or 1600mm widths.

The Height of our desks is generally 730mm, which is a standard 'desk height' used by many UK furniture manufacturers.  This is also the height used by our cupboards and drawers, so they can sit next to each other and fit flush against a desk.

Similarly, with the Depth, we generally offer 600mm or 800mm depths across the desk ranges so again they match the depths of our cupboards and drawer units.

What are the minimum desk dimensions?

When planning the amount of floor space you're going to have in your home office there are some important desk dimensions you need to consider. These dimensions are based on how you will be positioned at your desk whether you're sitting or standing. These are the minimum desk dimensions:


  • Minimum width - 610mm (61cm) per person
  • Minimum depth clearance at knee level - 456mm (46cm)
  • Minimum depth clearance at foot level - 610mm (61cm)
  • Minimum height clearance at foot level - 102mm (10.2cm)


  • Minimum width - 508mm (50.8cm)
  • Minimum depth - This dimension depends on what you want to put on the desk

What is the standard height of a desk?

Most standard office desks have a height between 712mm to 762mm which is the ideal height for most people who are between 5ft and 6ft tall who use a regular task chair.

Our office desks are all 730mm tall which is a great height for most people to sit comfortably whilst working.

What's the width, depth and height of an office storage unit:

Pedestals, Cupboards, Bookcases and all our other office storage units follow the same rules of measurement as the desks.  The only difference you find our website is that we offer alternative heights and depths in storage units, but this is made clear on the relevant products.

General office furniture size information

Another simple way of understanding the measurements for any office furniture products on our website is simply to think about it this way:

If facing the product front on (as per photo) you can grade the sizes as such:

- The (W) WIDTH is the measurement of the product from left to right

- The (H) HEIGHT is simple to understand - measure from the floor to the top of the product

- The (D) DEPTH is the measurement of the product from front to back


Still not sure? No problems, we are happy to advise, you can either drop us a message on our contact us page or give us a call on 0800 8044 760.

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